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2 year old boy was hit by a stick into the left eye of Beijing, Tianjin and finally to keep the eyes of August 21st, for only the age of 2 Mao (a pseudonym) is a disastrous day. In the afternoon, when Mao played in the house, he was accidentally held in the hands of a small bamboo stick in the left eye, blood flow. The family for the first time will eventually transferred to local hospital in Xuzhou, after the first operation, temporarily keep the eye, due to a serious injury, if not timely surgery second times, not only the vision is not guaranteed, the eye may face the risk of being removed. In order to treat the eyes of the children, Maomao from Xuzhou to Beijing, and to Shanghai, after several twists and turns, and finally came to Suzhou to seek a glimmer of hope. The child accidentally tripped, poke in the eye that sticks according to my family memories, in August 21, 2016 4 in the afternoon, as usual, to drink the milk alone in the room to play, not for a while, he cried out to drink water, then go to grandma room water, only turned back into the room and heard a cry from the living room. Grandmother quickly ran to see, I saw Maomao already fell to the ground, more shocking is a stick child holding the hands of abruptly inserted into the left eye. "The eyes are not injured avoid leaning to either side, eyelids, then straight to the eye to the inside, then a lot of blood flow, and we are frightened." Said the grandmother. As the situation is critical, the hairy one family sent to a local hospital in Xuzhou, because the operation conditions and Technology Co., then transferred, in the evening 11 underwent left corneal laceration, scleral laceration suture. After staying in hospital for 9 days, discharged B-show eye injuries Maomao is not optimistic: the left eye retinal detachment, choroidal thickening, detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, hospital need referral for advice more senior ophthalmologist second surgery.相关的主题文章: