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2016 China (Sichuan) e-commerce development summit opening – Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: 2016 China (Sichuan) e-commerce development summit opening on October 13th, with "innovation, integration, win-win" as the theme of the 2016 China (Sichuan) e-commerce development summit opened in Mianyang city. Yin Li, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor of Hunan Province, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Yin Li welcomed the guests on behalf of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. He said, for a long time, Sichuan attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce, and constantly strengthen top-level design, strengthen the leading lead, promote the integration of development. E-commerce has become the most active, dynamic, and most penetrating strategic emerging industry in Sichuan. The Chinese (Sichuan) e-commerce development summit convergence of domestic and foreign e-commerce industry leader, famous enterprises and experts, will hold a series of forums and competition, is a showcase of e-commerce products and technology, it is a philosophy and wisdom of sharing, we believe it will inject new ideas and new inspiration and the Sichuan for the development of e-commerce industry, promote the development of electronic commerce potential release, effectively promote the electronic commerce and the traditional agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and other three industrial integration development, build new energy new advantages, economic and social development in Sichuan. Sichuan will take the comprehensive innovation reform test area and the test area construction trade platform, in-depth implementation of the whole enterprise network, the national electricity supplier OCS, demonstration projects, and promote the construction of the electronic commerce center for innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance business innovation, and vigorously promote the electricity supplier to the precise poverty, promote electricity supplier innovation pilot reform. To explore the formation of a group can be copied, the promotion of development experience. It is hoped that more industry experts will continue to pay close attention to Sichuan, focus on Sichuan, bring new ideas to Sichuan, and hope more entrepreneurs will come to Sichuan to bring more investment projects to Sichuan. Sichuan will strive to create and provide a more high-quality environment, more perfect supporting, more efficient service, and share with all walks of life to share new opportunities for innovation and development in Sichuan, jointly promote e-commerce to a broader, deeper, higher level of development. In the subsequent leaders summit, Lenovo Group honorary chairman Liu Chuanzhi, Dangdang President Li Guoqing, Wuliangye group chairman Tang Bridge, network letter group CEO Sheng Jia, millet science and technology chairman Lei Jun delivered keynote speech respectively. The business summit will be held e-commerce investment matchmaking, Sichuan elite world Internet Roundtable, e-commerce forum, e-commerce innovation forum and cross-border competition and opportunities forum and other activities; held e-commerce Expo, more than 300 domestic and foreign well-known electronic business platform, more than 1000 production trade circulation enterprises, 000 commodities will the exhibition will be held in docking; e-commerce competition, to entrepreneurship as the theme, in order to combat the practice game, interest and potential to stimulate college students, young entrepreneurs, technical experts. Vice governor Zhu Hexin presided over the opening ceremony. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen, officials from the Ministry of Commerce, provincial government, provincial departments responsible person and well-known enterprises, the Internet hit off the representatives to attend the opening ceremony. Before the opening ceremony, Yin Li attended

2016中国(四川)电子商务发展峰会开幕–四川频道–人民网 原标题:2016中国(四川)电子商务发展峰会开幕   10月13日,以“创新、融合、共赢”为主题的2016中国(四川)电子商务发展峰会在绵阳市开幕。省委副书记、省长尹力出席开幕式并致辞。   尹力代表省委省政府向与会嘉宾表示欢迎。他说,长期以来,四川高度重视电子商务发展,不断加强顶层设计、强化引领带动,促进融合发展。电子商务已成为四川创新最活跃、带动力最强、渗透性最广的战略性新兴产业。本届中国(四川)电子商务发展峰会汇聚国内外电子商务行业领军人物、知名企业和专家学者,将举办系列论坛和竞赛,既是一次电子商务产品和技术的集中展示,更是一次理念和智慧的碰撞分享,相信必将为四川乃至全国电子商务产业发展注入新理念、新灵感,促进电子商务发展巨大潜力释放,有效推进电子商务与传统农业、制造业、旅游业等三次产业融合发展,构筑起四川经济社会发展的新优势、新动能。四川将借全面创新改革试验区和自贸试验区建设等平台,深入实施“全企入网、全民触网、电商示范”工程,扎实推进“西部电子商务创新创业中心”建设,提升电商创新应用水平,大力推进电商精准扶贫,推动电商创新改革先行先试,探索形成一批可复制、推广的发展经验。热切希望全球更多业界专家继续关注四川、聚焦四川,把新理念带到四川,希望更多企业家来四川兴业,把更多投资项目带到四川。四川将着力营造和提供更加优质的环境、更加完善的配套、更加高效的服务,与社会各界人士一道共同分享四川创新发展的新机遇,共同推动电子商务向更广更深更高水平发展。   在随后举行的领袖峰会上,联想集团董事局名誉主席柳传志、当当网总裁李国庆、五粮液集团董事长唐桥、网信集团CEO盛佳、小米科技董事长雷军分别发表主旨演讲。   本届电商峰会将举行电子商务招商对接洽谈会、世界互联网川籍精英圆桌会、电子商务高峰论坛、电子商务创新论坛和跨境电商的竞争与机遇论坛等活动;举办电子商务博览会,国内外300多家知名电商平台、1000余家生产商贸流通企业、万类商品将参展对接;还将举行电子商务大赛,以电商创业为主题,以实战实操比赛方式,激发大学生、创业青年、技术能手的兴趣与潜能。   副省长朱鹤新主持开幕式。省政协副主席陈放,商务部有关负责人,各市州政府、省级有关部门负责人和省内外知名企业、互联网创客代表等参加开幕式。   开幕式前,尹力参观了电子商务博览会展馆。12日,尹力会见了柳传志、李国庆、雷军等出席电商峰会的嘉宾。(记者 胡彦殊 曾小清)   原标题:2016中国(四川)电子商务发展峰会开幕 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: