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Advertising Why Printing Brochures Digitally Is Good for Business 2,500 brochures printing 8.5 x 11 remains one of the most important tasks for any business that wants to hit its target market. In the old days, the most often favored printing option was the offset printing process. Developments in the industry of .puter hardware and software and digital printers have made digital printing an excellent alternative. There are many factors involved in printing brochures. From the design process to the actual print, each step must be weighed carefully for its merits in order to .e up with the best brochure possible. Below are a few reasons why digital printing is an excellent option for businesses that need brochures. Digital printing is great value for money Offset printing is cheap if a large volume needed to be printed. The cost of offset printing only goes down as volume goes up. Digital printing however, is relatively cheap across the board. While some argue that the quality of offset justifies the price, recent technology has greatly improved the quality of digital prints. Given the ongoing trend of digital printing, the quality of digital prints can only go up as newer technology is developed. Digital printers are cheap, especially if the required number of copies is small. The initial cost of 2,500 brochures printing 8.5 x 11 with a digital printer is tremendously lower than that of an offset printer. The lower front end cost is something that a lot of businesses, especially for small scale projects, find appealing. The savings to be gained from digital printing can be better used elsewhere, or better yet, to make more brochures. The value of variable-data printing Variable-data printing is a type of digital printing that is exactly what it says on the tin. For those who have trouble understanding, it basically means that the print can be changed from one piece to the next. What makes it even better is that it does not slow down the digital printing process in anyway whatsoever. To give a good illustration of how variable-data printing works, people can think about it in the same way that their email or text messaging works. Templates use static document elements and insert various other pieces of information to make a personal document. A simple example would be a standard promotional letter that changes the address and name based on a database. Variable-data printing is very useful in making unique brochures. Its easier to personalize the direct mail brochures when using variable-data printing. Room for creativity The images that can be found on the internet shows how much can be done with todays graphics editing program. Any business that wants to set their brochures apart from the .petition will need to use graphics editing program. There are no limits to the creative possibilities in making brochures when using a graphics editing program. Dont limit a brochures looks to the stock images used over and over again by the .petition. Make a good brochure thats totally original so people can easily associate the image of the brochure with the business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: