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Software Enterprise architecture is the process that defines the basic structure and the operation of an organization. A business organization starts with certain objectives and future plans and enterprise architecture, by means of the appropriate tools, helps the organization to fulfill its goals. Enterprise architecture has four perspectives, the business perspective, the technological perspective, the information perspective as well as the enterprise application architecture perspective. It is by the interaction and interdependence of these 4 factors that a business is able to run efficiently and successfully. These 4 factors take care of the day-to day operations of the business, integrate the different standards and processes used in the business, bring order to all the data, and determine the hardware and software and operating systems. Importance of Enterprise Application Architecture Enterprise application architecture supports different work activities of the business processes and automates procedures for more efficient working systems. It also takes care of the storage and management of the information data bank and its retrieval in the event it is needed. Enterprise application architecture helps in optimum management of information. The main aim of a business organization is growth and therefore the senior management is constantly analyzing data and the processes of the .pany to enhance its efficacy. Enterprise architecture provides them a real picture of their business organization. Integration of Enterprise Architecture Enterprise architecture integration is important for the cohesive working of the entire unit. When there is lack of .munication between the different information silos in the .pany, there will be inefficiencies, duplication of roles, wasted of time and money. Enterprise architecture integration links the different information silos like accounting, sales, supply chain, human resources, and so on. This makes it possible to automate business processes within an organization, so a channel of .munication is opened up and everyone is working towards the same goal. There can then be unrestricted sharing of data across potentially different operating systems or .puter languages. The Big Picture with Enterprise Architecture Application The purpose of enterprise architecture application is to identify the gaps in the .anization in any of its different functions and to close that gap using the right user friendly technology. This helps reduce costs and prevent duplication of tasks for the different projects. Enterprise architecture application helps to achieve the big picture by achieving the business strategy and vision. Finally it helps in quicker decision making and understanding project deliverable without the need for long drawn and tedious studies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: