The annual meeting, the party in Huanglong Danang, your best choice!!! 女子照片上色情卡 中国天眼一周岁

routines like the annual meeting, the party we see too much, the environment of the hotel we see too much.

what is your annual meeting and party? What is the plan? What style?

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best site selection

is located in the beautiful countryside of Huanglong Danang west of Jiangning area, in addition to tea, bamboo, green mountains and rivers and beautiful natural scenery, let visitors is 14 design styles in the distribution of online travel inn.

whether the design or decoration, people can not extricate themselves the country complex or moreish delicacy, fragrance Green Tea, mellow wine, have attracted many eyes, the size of the space choice, can meet the needs of all sizes accommodate banquets, parties, private parties, business customer daxiehui, wedding the preferred site, birthday party, company annual meeting etc..

our advantage:

1 quality team to meet all your requirements, whether it is the annual meeting or a birthday party, we can meet you.

2 features all kinds of country food to evoke the flavor of your memory.

3 for you to drink tea, wine, is the so-called "red lofty three cups of wine, Qianqiudaye a pot of tea" allows you to find the hearts of the wild".

4 quality services to protect your comfortable dining.

Huang Danang let all the visible nature "close to nature, return to nature, the station design follows the origin of things characteristics, focus on natural decoration, dishes also retains its original flavor. Create a good sense of nature!