The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany 公交司机等灯吃饭 美女球员入日本籍

The 17 most popular curry sausage shops in Germany

talk about sausage Kingdom street food, the most popular can be a number of curry sausage. In Germany, where the flow of people, within a radius of a hundred paces, there will be a hot business curry sausage shop.

how long it is worth – Curry 36, Berlin (Berlin)

the most authentic Berlin snacks, even if it is rainy days, Curry 36 stores will be lined up in front of people. Although Berlin curry sausage shop without counting, but this is still worth waiting for. Sausage baked quickly, but it will not affect the taste; sausage can choose to have skin or peeled, taste is not the same. Try one by one!

no spicy not happy – Best Worscht in Town, Frankfurtam Main (Frankfurt)

curry sausage and spicy? Yes, Frankfurt has more than just green curry sauce, the sausage shop features is the sauce, for no spicy unhappiness should be a good choice, but to do Oh, B+ sauce is the equivalent of Hot pot is said to eat spicy, F diners is no pain.

Q curry Sausage – Bratwursthaus, Bochum (Bochum)

really want to taste the curry sausage in the university town of Bochum, that this shop is a good choice, soft and elastic with curry sausage, will become your memory in Bochum delicious memories; in addition, the store also recommended Pilsner and taste the supper. Is a must.

great vegetarian sausage – CurryKartell, Mainz (Mainz)

is a vegetarian, but would you like to try some of the delicious curry sausages? This shop in Mainz can be said to be designed to meet the students and try to vegetarian, the vegetarian curry sausage shop has been the default for the surrounding the best curry sausage shop. The store’s homemade sauce, there are a lot of different exotic French fries sauce, side dishes and drinks, not only to meet the mouth, but also to meet curiosity.

locally grown ingredients – Martha ‘s, Stuttgart (Stuttgart)

in Stuttgart’s Curry sausage shop, all the ingredients are from the local. Needless to say the taste of sausage, surprisingly, the store is actually the most popular French fries, crisp and tender, very delicious! The only regret is that the food is ready for a long time, but when you eat the first one will think it is worth the wait.

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