Explore Sculpture Of Beautiful Temple Chaturbuja 可可西里申遗成功 体内抽出牛奶血

Travel-and-Leisure India is country of rich culture and heritage. Here everyone has got the rights to practice their own religion. People of all religions can say their prayers in their own religious centre as well. During India Tours you will get calm & relax on your mind. The name of Chaturbhuja Temple is included as one of the best in India. Chaturbhuja is a well known Khajuraho temple, every year thousands of visitors come in this temple to pay a visit. This temple was constructed in the eleven hundred AD. On the west side of the temple, there is a large statue and in order to go up to it one has to cross ten stairs. The platform of the statue is made up of white sandstone. This temple was constructed by the king named Lakshavarma during his rule of the Chandella Empire. One major attraction of this site is the nine feet tall statue of Lord Vishnu. This temple is an exceptional one amongst the Khajuraho temples because in this temple, there is no presence of explicit sculptures. This temple was constructed by maintaining rich architecture and represents art of very high level and it is a particular attraction for tourists. When they come here to visit, they would have a unique experience as the statues in this place is totally different from those in the other Khajuraho temples. This temple has only the collection of very high end sculptures which has only increased the beauty of the temple by a great deal. It is said that, on this temple there were the first presence of the symbol "O" found. All over the temple there is the presence of the images of the Hindu Lord Vishnu, and the main intention of the temple was to with hold the images of Vishnu. For this reason a picture of Vishnu was brought here all the way from Tibet. Though, there are also portrays of other religious figures as well. One would be finding a lot of sculptures here but none of them are explicit. It can noticed that there are some lacking in the art and sculptures found here on this temple. The art is considered to be of moderately good level. Though, they could have been presented in a lot better way and much vividly. Still, tourist who comes here to visit the rich historical and religious site gains a lot of information during their India Tour . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: