Usana Business – Is It Really Just A Mlm Scam 乐基儿再婚 非洲客天安门中暑

Network-Marketing Is Usana Health Sciences a MLM Scam? Usana is a network marketing company and is therefore offering you to grow your own Usana business, along with their nutritional, energy, diet and personal care products. Usana has become a very large and well known health and wellness company since it was founded. But still, there certainly are some real concerns about starting your own Usana business, and I will now go through the pros and cons and finally get to the big question: Is Usana really a good opportunity or is it just a MLM scam? Let’s start with the good Usana was founded back in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, who wanted to not only treat diseases but prevent them as well with these products. Today Usana provides many high quality nutritional supplements and personal care items as well. Most people want to find easy solutions to becoming healthier – therefore there certainly is a market for the products. Furthermore, these products should also prevent diseases and that should only make it easier to sell them. And when you start growing your own Usana business you earn money based on group sale volume, which means that there are no monthly group volume requirements, and that is certainly a big pro as well. And now to the bad First of all, the fact that there is a market for these products doesn’t guarantee your success. There are many other health and wellness companies out there, and if the products just sold itself, the company wouldn’t need you, right? Second, the company recommends their distributors to purchase business opportunity seeking leads to grow their business. The problem is that more than 90 % of these people aren’t looking for an opportunity; they’ve just entered their information, name and number, when they’ve answered some questions in a survey where they could win a phone or something else. Then they become a business opportunity seeking lead, even though they aren’t looking for a business opportunity. Furthermore these leads get re-sold many times and you’ll just end up spending money on useless leads and waste your and these people’s time. And if people don’t want to spend their money on these leads, the company encourages them to work their warm market, convert their friends and family into buyers and new distributors, hand out business cards and other stuff like that. This is NOT how you’ll succeed either. This is certainly not how to grow a Usana business, or any other business for that matter, and you won’t become successful this way. Actually the failure rate in this industry is 97 %. Finally – the conclusion Is Usana just a MLM scam? NO! Usana is certainly not a scam, but with that being said, you will probably fail if you follow the advices you get from the company. If you are serious about succeeding with your Usana business, you CAN, no doubt about it. There is a market for Usana’s products, so in order to succeed you just have to educate yourself in marketing and recognize that it takes time and effort to grow a Usana business, and believe me, it will not happen by using these business opportunity seeking leads or working your warm market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: