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Small Businesses Can Be Subject To A Wage Garnishment From The Cra Too…but How? Posted By: Michael Goldenberg, President, DebtCare Canada Starting a successful small business takes hard work and perseverance. Unfortunately, small business owners are one of the largest groups that find themselves with tax problems. One of the main reasons why small business owners commonly run into trouble with the CRA is because it is tough starting a business and generally in the first couple of years small businesses are not really profitable. In many cases, small business owners don’t pay for bookkeepers and simply collect their receipts all year long. Then, at the end of the year, these owners go to an accountant with what records they have or attempt to do the returns on their own. This can result in incorrectly declared expenses and income that can end up costing the small business owner dearly in a re-assessment or audit. Other times, small business owners misunderstand filing requirements and fall behind filing returns. In some extreme cases, small business owners do not set aside their H.S.T. and then find that it is impossible to pay it when tax time comes.Debtcare Canada debtcare a wage garnishment wage garnishment from the cra tax problems trouble with the cra fall behind filing returns tax debt Debtcare Canada Garnishment Of Wages Blog Series Part 3 Of 3 – Garnishment Of Wages By The Canada Revenue Agency And Posted By: Michael Goldenberg, President, DebtCare Canada One of the scariest and most serious garnishments of wages that exists is a garnishment of wages issued by the Canada Revenue Agency. When a tax debt is owed, the Canada Revenue Agency has a vast arsenal of tools at their disposal that they can deploy to collect money from you. A wage garnishment is one of these tools. What you may not know is that the Canada Revenue Agency does not need to sue you or obtain a court order against you if they want to impose a garnishment on your wages. The Canadian Income Tax Act gives them the power to require that your employer garnish your wages on notice. If you owe the Canada Revenue Agency money, a garnishment of wages should not be a surprise. The Canada Revenue Agency will send out a series of notices before a garnishment of wages occurs: 1.First, you will get a notice that you have a tax debt. 2.Second, you will get a notice demanding payment in full. 3.Third, you will get a final notice for payment. 4.Fourth, you will get a notice indicating that your wages are about to be garnished. 5.debtcare debtcare Canada garnishment of wages garnishment of wages by the Canada revenue agency the canada revenue agency Canada revenue agency debtcare Garnishment Of Wages Blog Series Part 1of 3 – What Is A Wage Garnishment? Posted By: Michael Goldenberg, President, DebtCare Canada A garnishment of wages is one of the most common and effective enforcement methods used to collect money through the Small Claims Court by the Canada Revenue Agency, O.S.A.P, and Family Responsibility. A garnishment of wages occurs when you have defaulted on a debt and the party you owe money to serves your employer with a legal notice to garnish your wages (i.e. pay some portion of them to that party). Only the government, like the Canada Revenue Agency, Ministry of Finance, Provincial and Federal Student Loans, etc… have the power to garnish your wages without a court order. For a private company to garnish your wages they must sue you in court, obtain a judgement against you and have an order from the court to garnish your wages. So, if a private company is trying to collect money from you, the garnishment must be sent to your employer in the form of an order from the court that issued the judgement.debtcare garnishment of wages what is a wage garnishment a wage garnishment wage garnishment a garnishment of wages you have defaulted on a deb debtcare 相关的主题文章: