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Medical Fitness To Drive: Safety Recommendations, Laws And Education Posted By: masteroftrivia2011 The safety of our roads is important. Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, which is an issue that needs to be addressed. One important issue that is a concern is that of older drivers and their medical fitness of being able to drive. In the next 20 years, the number of drivers over the age of 65 is expected to double. These individuals are expected to travel more than their predecessors. While the majority of these individuals will remain good drivers, there is a minority that will need attention from family members, health professionals, and state governments in order to determine when it is necessary to retire from driving. Safety Recommendations for Senior Drivers The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has come up with several recommendations based on their research of the aging driver and safety concerns. The first recommendation is for licensing decisions to be based on medical fitness and functionality of the driver and not the age of the driver. This is because individuals each age differently. Some people that are in their 80s are still quite safe behind the wheel both physically and cognitively.personal injury law attorney lawyer accidents cars personal injury Traffic Congestion: Theories, Impact And Countermeasures Posted By: masteroftrivia2011 When traffic slows due to increased usage by drivers, it is known as traffic congestion. This often occurs during what is known as rush hour traffic times; however, poor weather conditions, accidents, road construction and other issues such as evacuations can cause traffic congestion to occur. For drivers, the result is slower speeds and increased drive times. Traffic congestion can also frequently cause vehicles to come to a complete stop for a few seconds to hours, depending upon the area and the cause of the congestion. Theories Used to Predict Traffic Congestion Several mathematical theories have been used to predict traffic congestion. Many have compared traffic congestion to fluid dynamics, as spontaneous jams can occur due to a minor event in instances of traffic that is heavy, though free flowing. Unfortunately, traffic can be affected by many events, such as signals, entries from on ramps, departures onto exit ramps, accidents and road construction. In addition, with so many goods being shipped throughout the U.S. via highways, packages commonly fall from trucks and also play a part in traffic congestion.personal injury law attorney lawyer accidents car accid personal injury Need Auto Accident Advice? Posted By: madisonlawgroup An auto accident is a serious matter particularly when it involves injuries. It is best to seek attention quickly, even if you are not sure that you need it. You may be dazed or confused from the accident and not notice your own injuries. According to Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, It is important to make sure that you have not sustained any serious injuries, or if you have, that you are seen by a doctor or other health care professional immediately. In addition to seeing your doctor, it is recommended that you consult your Los Angeles car accident attorney in order to pursue getting compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. If the insurance company of the offending party is ready to offer a settlement, you will need to know and understand if the settlement is fair for your recovery and loss. So, what is negligence? It is the failure to carry out a legal duty says Ventura car accident attorney.Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Los Angeles car accident attorney Ventura car accident attorney West Hollywood personal injury lawyer Los Angeles personal injury lawyer 相关的主题文章: