Diy Power From The Sun 辽宁舰穿台湾海峡 手镯事件成功和解

Computers-and-Technology While there are many ways to generate your own electricity one of the most common is solar energy. If you are interested in diy power from the sun there are a few things to keep in mind. Solar electricity is dependent on the sunshine. Persons living from the poles to the arctic circles will not be able to use solar power during their dark winters. Their all light summers make the ideal time to use this energy. For the rest of the world, the problem is with nights. The time that you most need electricity for lights, the sun is not shining. Therefore, you will need to have a back up plan for darkness. Since there will times, no matter where you live that you are not able to generate power from the solar cell. Sometimes these are the times you need power the most, like after dark. One way to handle this problem is to remain connected to the grid and use commercial electricity to supplement your energy needs. When you are producing at full capacity and do not need all the power you can sell it back to the power company to reduce what you pay for electrical energy in some cases. If you are not able or do not want to remain connected to the grid, you will need to have a bank of batteries to store the energy that you produce. Batteries have become much easier to handle and much less expensive during the past few years. Both stored and solar generated energy will and battery stored power will need to be converted to AC power for use with most household appliances. This is accomplished with a power inverter. The inverter will allow most of your normal appliances to run just as if they were plugged into the grid. DIY power can be your part of keeping our planet green. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: