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Careers-Employment What is it about a Masters in Business Administration program, commonly referred to as an MBA, that makes it so popular among so many students across a broad range of careers? Is it merely smart positioning by elite B-schools, or does the degree actually add to an individuals potential market value? While there may be both advocates and adversaries of an MBA degree, the objective of this article is not to start another debate on "to B-school or not to B-school." The purpose of this article is to provide unbiased information about what an MBA degree can do for your career, and the various available options (not everyone can, wants, or has to go Ivy League) you have when you pursue a Masters in Business Administration degree. Are you up for B-school? Before you even start thinking about enrolling for a business administration masters program, evaluate your B-school worthiness. Why? First, B-school is not exactly cheap, and you dont want to end up making an expensive mistake if you are not the right fit for it. Second, you will have to work pretty hard over the course of your program, which can typically last anywhere from 15 to 24 months. If you find the coursework too complex or boring, these can easily turn into the longest months of your life. And finally, you have to know that its not the end of the world to not have an MBA degree in your academic arsenal. Many individuals have tasted professional success and will continue to thrive in their jobs without an MBA degree. You can be one of them! Advantages for MBA grads The biggest thing going in favor of graduates of an MBA program is that B-school prepares them for positions of responsibility. Whether its leading teams, driving business strategy, or managing key processes in an organization, employers usually reserve senior executive-level roles for MBA grads. Of course, positions of responsibility often come with a paycheck that corresponds to the importance of that role. Because of the contribution they make to an organizations overall growth, business graduates are among the best-paid professionals in the industry. According to the latest data, business managers can make up to $104,792 per year, depending on experience, position, education, and location*. Having completed a Masters in Business Administration degree doesnt just qualify you for prestigious rolesit can also open the door to a lot more job opportunities. The business knowledge, management expertise, leadership skills, critical thinking ability, and other such proficiencies you can gain through an MBA degree are relevant to all industries. That means you can pursue a role in any vertical youd prefer to work in. An MBA is also a very effective way to help you climb up the corporate ladder at your current organization. Whats more, getting an MBA can add to your professional and personal stature. MBA degree: Beyond the conventional Once you have decided to get an MBA, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you have the courage to think beyond the top-tier B schools. As mentioned earlier, not everyone has to graduate from a top B-school to make his/her MBA degree count. Students can consider options like distance learning programs to earn their MBA cap. In fact, online degree programs in business administration are selling like hot cakes due to their flexibility and accessibility, when compared to classroom-based MBA programs. In addition to distance learning degrees, part-time and executive MBA programs are also options that can be considered. They usually have more stringent entry requirements than online programs and cater mostly to mid-career managerial or senior executive-level professionals. Sources: * About the Author: 相关的主题文章: