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UnCategorized One of the nice things about using a third party courier company instead of making the deliveries with your own staff is that the insurance concerns of making deliveries cease to be your issues. Instead, the Houston messenger delivery service that you use to transport your package will be responsible for making sure that all the adequate insurance is in place before the shipment is picked up from your business. Insurance is an important part of the courier business, and companies that are in that line of work are sure to check and verify that all the appropriate coverages are in place before one of their drivers ever heads out on a pickup. However, it is still in your best interests to always ask about insurance coverage for a few different reasons. First, it can be helpful to know exactly what type of insurance they have taken out, and what sort of eventualities it insures your shipment against. Next, it is also useful to know the maximum value that your goods are going to be insured for, in case you happen to need some additional insurance. Usually, the courier insurance that these companies take out protects against almost every conceivable situations which might cause damage to your goods. Theft, loss, and miss-delivery are all covered, so if through either action or negligence of the courier company your package goes missing, you can rest easy that it will be returned to you at some point in time. Also, almost every form of physical damage which should be insured against will be. Common coverage provided by courier insurance includes damage that happens when the courier is in a collision, as well as if they drop a package or it is crushed by other packages in transit. Other, less common forms of damage such as sprinkler and weather damage are also typically insured against. It is definitely worthwhile to find out how much insurance coverage is in place though if you’re shipping goods which are considered valuable by most standards. That is because couriers base the maximum coverage that they take out on what the average value of their shipments is. So, if you’re shipping something that is worth a great deal more than average, you may find that total value of your goods is not insured; something which may prompt you to need to take out an additional policy or rider on a particular shipment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: