Giving Birth With Nutritional Supplements 射钉枪杀2人自首 躲深山5年被抓

Health What does your fetus need from you? There are numerous changes in nutritional needs for a pregnant woman. Such changes are partly due to the nourishment demands of the fetus and partly to other physiological variations that affect absorption and metabolism of nutrients. Changes in nutritional needs in pregnancy appear to be related to the body’s adaptation to pregnancy too. Your body goes through a reduction of electrolytes , proteins , glucose , vitamin B-12 , folate , vitamin B-6 , and a rise in lipids , triglycerides , and cholesterol in blood. The result is that different amounts of iron, folic acid, sodium, and sugar are needed in pregnancy, and that they can be obtained by eating well and taking nutritional supplements. More of some of this To keep healthy, pregnant women should increase their usual servings of a variety of foods from the four basic food groups to include a total of four or more servings of fruits and vegetables, four or more servings of whole-grain or enriched bread and cereal, four or more servings of milk and milk products, and three or more servings of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, and dried beans and peas. Often, nutritional supplements are provided for pregnant women, but in order for nutritional supplements to work, they must be considered only supplements of a proper balanced diet. Iron Iron, in food or as nutritional supplement, is needed in larger doses, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. More iron is needed not only because of fetal demands, but also because the mother’s blood volume may be increased as much as 30 percent. This mineral is essential to the formation of healthy red blood cells, and it is difficult for a woman to consume enough of it from foods to maintain an adequate supply for herself and her fetus. Without enough iron, the fetus will draw its supply from the mother, often leaving her anemic and exhausted. An iron supplement can alleviate this condition. Folic Acid Pregnancy doubles a woman’s need for folate. However, there is not universal agreement on the necessity of folate supplements for all pregnant women. In certain studies, the vitamin folic acid has been shown to be important in preventing neural tube defects , such as spina bifida. The need for folic acid is essential to the formation of red blood cells. All women should take supplements containing folate, which can be found in liver, kidneys, leafy green vegetables, and dried beans and peas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: