Your Myspace Top Friends 普京请吃冰淇淋

UnCategorized A lot of members give emphasis on who they want to show on their top friends. This refers to friends you want to be displayed on your profile and this are usually your closest ones. We will talk about MySpace top friends on the next section, and also to give important information on how to modify the top friends on your profile. To modify your top friends, you need to log on to your MySpace account. If not, you can’t edit your friends. There are two ways to log into MySpace account: 1. Type into your browser. After the page loads, click "Log In". You will be redirected to "Log In" page. 2. Check your own profile. Click on the link Home at the top of the page after it loads. You will be redirected to "Log In" page. You are now ready to edit your top friends the moment you are into your MySpace account. Find the My Friends box on your home page. This contains: photos of your top friends option to edit your top friends option to view all of your friends option to change your top friends Pick an option to modify your top friends. This is located at the bottom left corner of the box. A different page will appear after you click to change your top friends. You will find several options from this page. These are: Preferred number of friends to be displayed as your top friends Edit Your Top Friends! Save Top Friends! With this page, you can do anything related to changing your top friends. You can modify your top friends once you’re on this page. You must first decide on the number of friends you want to display. Arrange them into the red boxes by dropping and dragging. Click on a friend then hold down your mouse button and drag this friend to a desired spot. When they are already on your preferred spot, click Save Top Friends and you are done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: