When Should A Green Card Holder Seek Permission To Enter Us 运钞车被劫匪炸开 以房养老骗局

Legal Green card is a privilege given to non-residents of US which provide them additional benefits. Having a green card will allow people to work in any job and anywhere and to file for unemployment benefits if one loses his/her job. A green card holder can travel to nations like Mexico, Bahamas, Canada, Bermuda, Aruba and Switzerland without obtaining a visa. The benefits of having a green card stay in long list and hence obtaining it is the dream for many non-immigrants in US. Travel Goods A holder of a green card will be able to travel as an US permanent resident abroad. They are provided visa-free travel privileges to US permanent residents irrespective of their nationalities. When you travel to any country via some European countries (e.g. England), you are no longer required to get a transit visa. Legal residents are also allowed to return to the United States after international travel. Seeking Permission While the green card holders are not restricted from entering into US after international travel, they are some time required to seek permission to re-enter when they are held suspected to violating laws. This happens when a green card holder has renounced or surrendered that status has not been present in the United States for a continuous period say more than 180 days has involved in illegal activity after having left the United States has left from the United States while under legal process seeking removal of the alien from the United States, comprising expulsion proceedings and arrest proceedings has committed a serious offense recognized in section 212(a)(2), unless the alien has been released from such offense Is trying to enter at a time or place other than as labeled by immigration officers or has not been confessed to the United States after review and approval by an immigration officer. A green card holder penetrating under any of the above situation will have to seek permission to enter US. A visitor pursuing admission but not a legal resident is subject to all the grounds of inadmissibility enclosed in the immigration acts. The readmission should be sought at the port of entry by the green card holder by submitting the green card. Hence, before a legal resident travels outside of the United States, it is very important for green card holder to fix whether or not he will be viewed as a returning resident or an applicant for admission upon his return. A person staying abroad for less than a year can apply for this permission. This is not allowed for persons staying more than a year. Sometimes, it may be sensible for a legal resident not to depart the United States at all. Permanent residence permit is a way to file Citizenship Application Form and is no different from citizenship except for the right to vote. So retaining a green card remains more important than obtaining a green card. Extended stay abroad without a reentry permit leads to loss of green card. About the Author: By: Hassan Elhais – A party to an arbitration contract have right to request annulment of arbitration award if arbitrator did not follow the procedures contained in the arbitration contract or the agreed terms of reference. By: Robert K. Sanders – Employers make plenty of mistakes and you cannot really blame them if they do not know everything about the employment law. Employing attorneys is certainly the best way to prevent this, but small enterprises don’t have the resources to afford a lawyer. By: Jake Winston – Employment law is a very complex part of the law because it is made up of various conditions that are meant to protect both the interests of staff and employers. 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