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Hardware Are you tired of endorsing your brand name using the same print and electronic media advertisements? If you are on the look out for a new innovation in the stream of advertising your products and services, you need not look further, for DVD business cards are there to help you in making your work stand out in a crowd and impress everyone. Now you must be wondering what DVD business cards are. Well, they are nothing but mini CDs and DVDs that are perfect way of showcasing and promoting your business. You can use them to advertise your products to your potential clients by mailing these DVD business cards to them directly. You can also get you sales representatives to use these business cards. When your sales representatives go for client visits and sales calls and try to convince the people to purchase their companys products, they can also hand over these DVD business cards to them which will create an excellent impact on those prospective clients and will be kept with them for a much longer time as compared to those age old visiting cards, paper pamphlets and brochures. You can also give away these cards during trade shows where a lot of business men, entrepreneurs and a host of other visitors come to learn about your company. By distributing these tiny DVDs, you can steer clear of your competitors. These cards are great for distributing; audio, video, web sites (HTML, Flash), documents (Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, RTF), presentations (MS PowerPoint), pictures (JPEG, GIF), software, and any other high bandwidth content. A standard DVD business card holds 500 MB of data and is as small and compact as a regular business card, whereas a CD business card can hold only 55MB of data. However, if you need greater capacity, you can have these DVDs customized to suit you capacity requirements at no extra costs. For more details on DVD business cards, visit and get professional looking DVD business cards for your sales promotion activities. You can get these DVDs created by the method of DVD replication that will save you a lot of time and money. You can also get some cool designs printed on the covers of these DVDs to add to their appeal. In addition, you can have them packaged in some innovative ways to make an impact and impress your clients, customers and everyone else with these cute gifts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: