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UnCategorized It has many beautiful sights to recommend it with the parks, woodlands, lakes and modern buildings. The city presents a wonderful panorama for visitors and you can get around by public transport if you want to. They have buses, trams and underground or elevated trains; however, if you want to be independent you might think about renting a car. Even if you don’t use a car a lot while in the city you will have it for excursions into the German countryside. Always book a car rental online before you leave home to get the best rates. This will also give you the opportunity to learn whether you need an international driver’s license before you get to Berlin. Your car rental agency should be able to give you this information along with some driving rules if you ask. Some things that you should be aware of in the city of Berlin are that parking in neighborhoods will require coins so you should make sure you have plenty. Not all areas have traffic lights so you will need to learn what the signs mean when you drive in Berlin. Speeds will be posted, but if they aren’t you should know that most limits in Berlin are 50kph. You will also find signs at traffic lights showing the procedure should the traffic lights be out of order. Gas stations in Berlin are open 24 hours so you needn’t worry about running out of gas while on vacation. Generally cars that are available for rent in Berlin and across Europe will be manual or stick shift transmissions. If you aren’t comfortable with this type of vehicle you can request a vehicle with automatic transmission, but you will most likely pay more for this type of car. Usually the automatic cars are luxury vehicles which command a higher price. This is another reason to book your car rental online before you go so that you can get the best possible rates. The rates that you will be charged without a reservation at most car rental companies will be substantially higher. When you are making your airfare and car rental reservations you will also want to book your holiday apartment online as well. While there is a wide variety of hotels in Berlin, if you want to experience the true flavor of the city staying in an apartment is better. You will have more room to relax in and often have cooking facilities. This allows you to visit the markets for fresh food that you can prepare yourself. Booking an accommodation such as this online also gives you a chance to be in family neighborhoods which enables you to view the German culture firsthand. As you can see a vacation in Berlin will have many fine options for visitors. When you rent a car you can see them when you wish to and not be tied to a schedule. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: