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Jewelry-Diamonds Diamonds come in various colors like pink, yellow, blue, white and green but the most costly is the black diamond. Black diamonds are known as carbonados diamonds from Portuguese word because it is a resemblance of their charcoal. Black diamonds are the solidest substance known in the world. Black diamonds can only be found in central Africa and in Brazil. If you are looking for a perfect diamond ring for your engagement and for your wedding, black diamond can be truly satisfying. Before you engage in shopping around for diamonds, it is best for you to know how upside down black diamond is made and where they came from. The creation of black diamonds Some people want black diamonds because of the mystery that it contains. Diamonds are usually made out of carbon atoms and they are formed miles beneath the surface of the earth because of the heat and pressure. The diamonds were said to have reached the surface of the earth because of the eruptions from volcanoes million years back. On the other hand, black diamonds are made of carbon atoms and hydrogen. The reason behind upside down black diamond Black diamonds are made of small crystals that are bonded together. There are small sulfides that were boned that made the color of the diamond black. Black diamonds are not really black but they are grey or dark but the color usually vary depending on the degree of imperfections in the stone and sulfides. Upside down black diamond is hard to cut compared to the conventional diamond. On the other hand, black diamond became so famous in 1900s because of the rebirth of handmade jewelries in different and unique cut. Black diamonds are usually used in rings, earrings and necklaces and it these diamonds highlights the beauty of the stone that made it sought after by lots of people especially during special occasions. Black diamonds are hard to find and quite expensive so it is truly treasured by people because of its rarity and beauty. Black diamonds are also known to be of the highest quality and you can determine its beauty through the elements that it contains which comprises its color. Upside down black diamond can be found at various online shops today and you can find them at a very reasonable price too. Types of black diamonds for upside down black diamond jewelry Natural black diamond is usually used as jewelry and it comes in different sizes. It is durable and it is also very hard and it is more often used for industrial purposes than for jewelry. On the other hand, treated black diamonds were treated to enhance the natural look for the stone. The process used in treating black diamonds is known as neutron bombardment and this is usually done to come up with green and black color. Enhanced black diamonds can be used for upside down black diamond and a lot of shops are selling such type for those who are looking for this type. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: