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Photography Digital photography, a fairly new invention had major consequences for all aspects of photography, especially wedding photography. The term wedding photography, by the way, refers to photography activities that take place before, during and immediately after the wedding ceremony. Such photography is considered to be an integral part of the wedding ceremony, very much like a white gown, procession and a wedding cake. Modern wedding ceremony without photograph will be considered incomplete, as the modern (Western-style) would be incomplete without a wedding cake and the groom to his bride "cut." Now, one effect is that digital photography had the wedding photography is that it is no longer a lot of panic, the hired photographer does not show. Generation Y can not really understand it, but just a few decades ago (before the advent of the digital camera), photography was a highly specialized art /: as medicine and engineering. Only professionals can do it. Not everyone can be a photographer. So, if the wedding day has not hired a photographer, panic was sure to set in, a wedding, even delayed only because the facts have not been heard since the couple can say that they were tied in the absence of photographic evidence for this? For digital photography, everyone is now a photographer. Even many modern phones come with cameras. So, if you prove hired a photographer, it is his loss. Someone will take your digital camera (or phone), and start recording the event for future generations. No need to panic at all. In fact, cash-constrained couples choose not to hire your wedding photographer. On the contrary, to visit friends who have sense to use a digital camera is also assigned the task by clicking the key moments. Even better, two different friends assigned to the task, so that in case one did not get it right the other is sure to be. As for "getting it right," second digital photography wedding photography is that it reduced the frequency of the wedding photography was "burned" (overexposed) or otherwise messed up. The precursor of digital photography, film photography has been used to be open to so many complications. In other words, so many things can go wrong. Not so with digital photography. But if someone does not yet, there is always a chance that something clicked away the event in question (we can see that everyone is now a photographer), that the damage is minimal, anyway. Third digital photography wedding photography effect is that less expensive. The photographer, using digital image really only have to take care of running out of charge on your camera. Nothing else gets to "use" all of which are very cheap. Now compare this with traditional photography – where there has always been a movie deal with (or at least the risk of running out of film when it was not a problem) price – and you’ll see just how much improvement is digital photography. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: