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Pregnancy One of the most arguable questions in the medical world is whether you can actually prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Logically, it seems highly unlikely that they can be completely prevented, simply because the skin around the abdomen, breasts and thighs are stretched during pregnancy, and then slowly returning to its original state in the post natal period. The loss in skin elasticity is the biggest reason why the huge majority of pregnant women suffer from pregnancy stretch marks. However, that is not to say that the effects cannot be minimized by taking certain steps. Keeping Your Skin Hydrated The less moisturized your skin is, the more quickly stretch marks are going to develop. Studies have shown a clear connection between stretch marks occurrence with the condition of skin health. The shortage of collagen in the skin, for example, can almost certainly guarantee visible stretch marks later on. Keeping the skin fully hydrated can be achieved in a couple of ways, but the easiest and most effective method is definitely the consistent application of a good stretch marks cream, starting from as early as possible. Stretch Marks Cream There are creams made especially for pregnant ladies. While effectiveness of such cream varies from one person to another, it will certainly deliver some form of results by improving the skin condition generally. Before attempting to use such creams, remember to inquire with your doctor first. The chemicals in these creams do cause allergy with some individuals, possibly leading to threatening effects on the baby and yourself, so you want to ensure that it is safe. Once you know it is safe this is a great method to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. If All Else Fails If you are unsuccessful in trying to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, fret not, there are still other options to explore after pregnancy to manage the scars. One option is laser surgery, which is relatively successful in covering up stretch marks. Another option is the continuous conditioning of the skin using stretch marks creams and other products that enhances healing in the skin cells. If you are interested in more natural solutions, there are herbal treatments which target undesired stretch marks as well. To conclude, suffering from stretch marks during pregnancy is unavoidable for the majority of pregnant women. While one cannot say for sure what the best method is to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, keeping your skin in tip top shape will generally set a good foundation to accelerate healing in the skin eventually, thereby making the them less visible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: