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Finance Do you have life insurance? Most of us know that we should have life insurance in order to protect our family if we pass away. If we have a spouse and children, it is obvious that they will need money to replace our incomes if we pass away. Even if we do not have kids or a spouse who need our income, we know that it will cost money for a funeral if we die. Somebody will have to pay for it, and it would be a nice gesture to buy life insurance so you don’t leave your friends or parents with a big bill. Beyod a funeral, somebody may have to deal with our things, settle debts, or even take care of medical bills. Many younger people do not think much about life insurance because they do not have a family yet. But most of them plan to start a family some day. Premiums will be much cheaper for a young person, so it might be a good idea to plan now. Why don’t people get life insurance if they know they should? Well, this may not be simple to answer. But I suspect that many people just think it is too hard and complex to shop for, they do not know which companies are good ones, or they just think they are too busy to make a good decision right now. This may have been valid a few years ago. In the past, many insurers made applicants go through a long and tedious application process with an agent. Then they also made the applicant set another appointment to have a medical exam. This could be quite inconvenient. And then, after going through all of that, the consumer had to wait for weeks to find out if their policy was actually issued. But these days you can find lots of term life insurance policies with no medical exam. That means you just need to fill out an application in order to be approved. Some companies even put their applications or quote forms online so it makes it very easy to shop. You can apply for life insurance, and then get your policy delivered without ever having to set appointments. Before you purchase a policy, I suggest comparing quotes. I have found premmium rate differences of hundreds of dollars a year to insure the same clients. The best insurer will depend upon the applicant’s age, health, what type of coverage they want, which insurer they use, and where they live. It is quite simple to do quote comparisons with an online life insurance quote form. So you know you need life insurance, and you have run out of excuses for putting it off! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: