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Web-Design 1. What are your detailed goals and objectives? It is absolutely necessary to identify your goals to be able to create a website that will rightfully and successfully serve its purpose. Make a list of items that you aim to accomplish through the website. Short term and long term goals must be taken into account; both will be useful for further development and adaptation of the website design. Having clear and outlined goals at the start will be useful in identifying if you have achieved your goals, the rate of which you have progressed, and what is in need of further advancement. 2. Who are your precise targeted audience? Just like every business needs to identify their target market, you need to identify your target audience. They are they people whom you expect to bring traffic and revenue to your website. Your goals will have an effect on who would most likely visit your website. You also need to know what common characteristics your target audience would have in order to specify what they need that you can give satisfaction to. Would your website be aiming to connect to an adolescent, to an adult, or to both? 3. What content will your website include? After specifying your goals and identifying the targeted audience, the next step is to asses what content your web site should have. Create a list of contents that would appeal to your target audience then gather the data. Sort out the contents according to your audiences wants and needs. It is advisable to experiment or do a survey to find out if your content satisfies the needs of a focus group that matches the characteristics and needs of your targeted audience. Each content should be categorized under what need it will fulfill and what page of the website it shall be included. Content planning and organization is where you should put ample time and effort into conceptualizing and creating. 4. What browser platform do you want your site to be compatible with? Different browsers have numerous compatibilities and restrictions. A web site that is primarily designed for internet surfers will dictate the use of XHTML 1.0 format, a display resolution of 1024 x 768, and CCS Level 1. The Internet Explorer (IE) is not compliant to w3C standards hence unlike Mozilla Firefox or Opera. A W3C compliant browser will most likely increase the possibility of more site visitors and broaden your options in what scripts or programs to use in for design. The browser can also restrict what image file formats you may be able to use for your website After carefully considering the previously mentioned points, you can now begin to document the actual design and structure of your website. Considering what extent of end user interaction is also important. Do a second survey with the control group and gather data on how the website faired in satisfying their needs and wants and what points or areas should be improved. Apply the necessary pages then publish your website. If you follow these guidelines, you will have more chances of having a successful web site. Web Design Bangalore is one of the leading companies in the field of web design and development based in Bangalore, India. Visit for web design and development, search engine optimization and internet marketing services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: