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The digital camcorder camera is usually expensive but in some instances you can explore the Internet to find digital cameras at a price you can afford. Some of the latest cameras include the 3.0 Mega Pixel (1.5-inches) TFT camcorder and camera. If you want a camera that provides you with richer pixels the 8.0 Mega PROTAX LCD 1.5-inch combination is a good option. Digital Camcorder Camera The functions The first camera include functions that allow you to produce high quality videos, photos, etc, and it acts a as a webcam and music player. The equipment comes with three shooting modes so that you can capture high-quality videos and play them back later. You can use this camera as a computer cam or webcam for Internet video conferencing. The software is included. The 3.1 mega pixel resolution provides you with a 1.5-inch LTPS TFT color on a LCD screen. You have built-in SD and MMC slots with supporting SD and MMC card up to 2 Gigabytes. There is a TV-out function, which enables you to screen photos and images via a NTSC/PAL TV monitor, which supports up to seven languages including English, Portuguese, and French, basic and traditional Chinese, Deutsch. The camera has a 4x digital zoom function designed for computer and webcam capabilities. Photograph transferring software is included. The 10-second timer is set and runs continuously in capture mode. There is white balance option with flash and exposure value shift with color effect mode, which is selectable. Other features include the 50/60 Hz frequency light mode which is also selectable. You can choose from image quality mode or macro shot mode or create slide show photos. Software is included so that you can convert your photos to video format. This particular camera enables you to record high-clarity photos in AVI movie. A second choice of camera is the 8.0 Mega Pixels, which is available in the Chinese wholesale market. This is a high-performing digital camera and camcorder with a MP3 and MP4 player. It has a USB flash drive combination and produces high quality images, which you can view on a 1.5 LTPS LCD color screen. Digital Camcorder Camera Functions Some of the functions include the 3.0 mega pixel sensor and 8.0 mega pixel size image that works from the interpolation. The lens is a swivel with 120 degrees vertical angle. The LCD is a swivel that swerves 18.-degrees vertically and 270-degrees emphatically. There is a pop up flash bulb and 4 MB integrated flash memory. You can purchase SD and MMC up to 1 GB separately. The camera comes with everything you need to take quality pictures or videos. The lens has a powerful optical zoom with 4x digital zoom capability and the camcorder is digital as well. There is an integrated voice recorder with a built-in microphone. The integrated speakers allow you to play back your voice recordings. Other functions of this digital camcorder camera include playback for videos and photos, which you can connect the cam directly to your TV from a video outlet. About the Author: Buy electronics from china wholesale, we offers consumer electronics, such as bluetooth headsets, cell phones, mp3 players, mp4 players, video game accessories, iphone accessories etc at wholesale price in UK,USA,Australia, Canada and China Market. For more information please visit us at: Article Published On: – Shopping-and-Product-Reviews 相关的主题文章: