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Beauty When the skin is stretched beyond its inherent elasticity, the skin tissue breaks, resulting in the formation of stretch marks. This stretching may occur due to a rapid gain or loss in weight. From pregnant women undergoing a change in their bodies to young adults going through their adolescence, stretch marks can affect a wide cross section of people across gender and age. An affordable and easy-to-use solution would be to use a good quality cream for stretch marks. Initially, the stretch marks are red or purple in color and tend to fade out with time. There are no medical complications involved, though a severity of these marks can make the affected person really self-conscious and sometimes even diffident. It is obvious that this person would be on the lookout for a cream for stretch marks or some other solution to mitigate the problem. There are some readily available creams and lotions that enhance the skin elasticity and might cause these marks to heal, albeit over a period of time. Some of these products are available in a neighborhood brick and mortar store and sometimes even in your kitchen cabinet. For instance, cocoa butter and olive oil have been used since a long time to lighten the intensity of stretch marks. The moisturizing creams that contain vitamins A, E, and C can also strengthen the skin collagen and keep the skin soft, supple, and stretch mark free. The most effective cream for stretch marks would be the one which is created using clinically proven ingredients that can help reduce the intensity, depth, and color of the stretch marks with regular use. The Celtrixa stretch mark cream fits the bill. It has been specifically formulated with ingredients, such as Regu Stretch and O.D.A. White. The clinical studies conducted on Regu Stretch show amazing results with the participants reporting improvement in the severity of their stretch marks within a 84-day time frame. First-time users can avail the Celtrixa free trial offers and start using this innovative product at very nominal costs. Celtrixa is safe and paraben free and the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy currently available on the market. However, you might consult your gynecologist before using the product during pregnancy to be doubly sure. In addition to using the Celtrixa cream for stretch marks, you would also need to take a proper diet containing food products high on vitamins A, E, and C. Include food items rich in zinc, to promote collagen production and prevent the occurrence of these marks. Drink around seven to eight glasses of water everyday, to keep your system totally hydrated and prevent the onset of new stretch marks. The option of using laser surgery to mitigate these marks is always available. The downside is that the procedure is often costly and painful. It might take a few months for you to recover from the surgical procedure. If you find the problem of stretch marks weighing on your mind, then you can take an expert opinion from your physician or dermatologist. The best option would always be using a safe and paraben-free cream for stretch marks, to moisturize the skin, reduce stretch marks, and prevent new ones from coming up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: