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Motorcycles Royal Enfield holds a remarkable position in the market with its macho bikes crafted with great combination of style with substance. To ensure better relief from the oil leak and start up problem, Royal Enfield redesigned its Thunderbird with new improved UCE engine along with integrated gearbox so that you can enjoy a smooth and silky ride even at some topsy turvy roads. This new Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark , Motor Bike with more comfortable and convenient design and enthralling features would surly take your senses that too far beyond your expectation. When you come to design you would discover that it is not that gorgeous as compared to other bikes, but designed to offer you great comfort especially while driving for long distance and that too along with a partner. Its elevated handles, soft and comfortable foam seat, and backrest makes sure both the driver and pillion are not suffering from any body ache while riding for hours together. The new twin spark plug in the design really works great by delivering better pick up, power and torque. You can choose from three colors silver, red and black to suit your personality. The USP of this bike is its Unit Construction Engine (UCE) 346cc engine with lean burn technology which results in reduced friction and better shelf life with minimum wear and tear. Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike has taken a smart move by owning 6 plate clutch and 18 watt magneto as compared to the older model with 4 plate for superior battery charging and improved fuel efficiency. It?s instant and fast throttle response act as a boon while over taking or driving turns and corners. The inbuilt auto decompressor further act as a value addition for quick start. After going through various motorcycle testers it is found that Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark is able to successfully deliver a mileage of 40kmpl in city and around 45 kmpl on highway with a maximum speed of 130kph. With the backup of improved technology the bike delivers the power of [email protected] and a torque of [email protected] . All the above result truly indicates that this cruiser is more of a lifestyle bike rather than a fuel economy bike. Riding this bike on variable road condition is very safe and smooth with the support of sound braking (front side with hydraulic brake and drum brake in rear side) and telescopic suspension system (hydraulic damping front suspension accompanied with swing arm with gas shock absorbers rear suspension). The halogen lamp along with multi focal reflector light further add more to your safety ride by offering better and clear vision. If you are a hardcore Royal Enfield lover and have ample to shell on for your love for the brand then this Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark, Motor Bike would surly appeal to your soul. Its state of art technology packed in an ergonomic design would change the way you ride on the road. The new Thunderbird Twinspark comes with modified UCE engine with an integrated gearbox which now puts out 10 Pre. more power and torque as compared to the earlier engine. It is the same Thunderbird in design and styling. Just two twinspark badges on the side flanks and a twinspark decal on the rear side are added. The new integrated engine in the Thunderbird Twinspark employs six clutch plates for reduced clutch lever effort and hence strain free riding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: