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SEO Meta Tags are a valuable aid to your search engine optimization. As some may claim to launch your site as a showstopper using Meta tags, it is not so. It will help your site improve its listing rank only and does not magically make visitors begging for more! Meta Tags are basically HTML code inserted into the website page following the title tag. Meta tags are used for many purposes but when referring to SEO , this constitutes Meta descriptions tag and Meta keywords tag. At one point of time Meta tags were very essential for search engine function as it helped them to determine the contents and subject matter of a website. Although more advanced techniques have replaced Meta tags, it is still important as search engines use them as snippets in facilitating search engine results. But still their importance cannot be under stressed. Meta keyword tags and Meta description tags were introduced to simplify the procedure for website owners and provide search engines with Meta document data. Besides these two tags there Meta copyrights tag, Meta refresh tag, revisit tag, Meta authors tag etc. These are useful as they provide guidance to web crawlers and web browsers in prioritizing your site in the search. At this point you would want to ask how to generate Meta tags. The Advanced Meta tag generator enables you to add Meta tags to your site for SEO purposes. To generate the Meta tag code for your site you need to fill in a simple form and the Meta tag generator generates the code for your website. The Meta tag description requires you to submit a brief description about the website and it is advisable that you concisely describe your contents so that the search engine can use them. Remember to not use too many words as most generators consider the first 20-30 words only. This Meta tag generator is available for free online. Meta tags can also be used to make your website suitable for all user age groups, particularly children. By the addition of a PICS (platform for Internet Content Selection) label to the website, you can get your website rated. Meta tags can also control browser, robots and internal categorization of your website. Internal categories are required where you have multiple authors and contributors to your site contents. The Meta tags useful here are related to the author’s name and last update of the content. With Meta robot tag you can permit indexing by robots. Lastly you can use a Meta tag analyzer to assess the Meta tags you have used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: