SIDS is defined as the sudden death of an infant less than a year old 邹市明痛失金腰带 董子健深情告白

Health Smoking during pregnancy can have several negative effects on your unborn child. While any one particular baby will probably not develop all of the known problems, a mother who smokes while pregnant is almost guaranteeing at least a few of them. Not too many studies have been done but the known risks are too high. We tend to feel there is a huge disconnect between what is known and what mothers, or potential mothers, are aware of concerning the risks. The consequences of smoking while pregnant need to be known and understood by all women. The following is information on just a few of the known consequences associated with smoking while pregnant. The worst case scenario of smoking while pregnant is causing the death of your child. Second hand smoke is also very dangerous and increases your child’s risk of dying from SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. Specifically, SIDS is defined as the sudden death of an infant less than a year old, and there is no explanation or apparent cause of it. This is an extremely serious risk to take with your child as a pregnant mother. With more education and awareness of the risks, we believe more smoking mothers would work to quit smoking. A baby can suffer from cleft palate or cleft lip. The reality is that both are considered birth defects and either one or both are more possible in your baby due to the mother smoking while pregnant. Birth defects can have negative effects on the development of your child before and after birth. There are tremendous obstacles your child will have to overcome in life. While this is a significant side effect there are many others associated with smoking during pregnancy. Some of the additional risks include but are not limited to mental retardation, difficulty learning and cerebral palsy. Infant death is however the most serious risk. The consequences of smoking while pregnant are terrible there is no getting around that. You aren’t giving your child a fair chance to decide what they put into their bodies, instead you are thrusting smoke upon them. Your breast milk is also affected adversely by nicotine so avoid smoking after pregnancy too. It’s ultra important for you to quit and we hope to have given you the motivation to do so. Your doctor will have some great ideas on how to help you stop smoking during your pregnancy even if it feels impossible. These tips are often very beneficial in order to drop some weight during pregnancy. Should you are one of those women that are trying to find a methods to burn fat during and after their pregnancy time, in that case look at the bottom of this page. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: