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Womens-Issues Stretch marks (also called striae) affect all of us. Many people believe that they’re caused by pregnancy, which in essence means that only pregnant women or women who have already had children are affected. This simply isn’t true. Body builders usually suffer from striae, and the majority of these body builders are men. People who gain or lose a great deal of weight are also susceptible to stretch marks. Teens are usually afflicted with striae during "growth spurts". In short, whenever skin is stretched rapidly or dramatically, striae are apt to appear. Not only can striae affect both men and women, but they can affect children, teens, and adults. They can be observed in people all around the world, no matter their race or ethnicity. What are striae, and why do they occur? Skin is a remarkable organ. Not only is the largest organ of our body, but also one of the most complex. Skin shields our internal organs, helps us eliminate wastes, and processes foreign elements, such as sunshine, for our benefit. One of skin’s most remarkable characteristics is its ability to stretch. Collagen and Elastin – Needed for Healthy Skin Elastin and collagen are two of the constitutive elements of skin. Collagen and elastin are both proteinic fibers, with elastic properties. Collagen is a binding element in skin. It’s the building block of connective tissue. Elastin provides skin with, you guessed it, its elasticity. And the skin is extraordinarily elastic. However, at certain times, skin is over-stressed, stretched beyond its ability to resist. At these times, the skin actually tears. These little tears and tiny rips heal, resulting in scar tissue. The scar tissue that accompanies these small rips in the skin is called stretch mark. But stretch marks are not forever anymore. There are biological ingredients that promote the replacement of damaged skin cells and that synthesize new healthy collagen and elastin and skin cells from within your body. These products utilize biological activators, similar to your own regenerative processes, to avoid and eliminate stretch marks, they stimulate and control an orderly synthesis of collagen and elastin as a base to reconstruct damaged skin. Using products that contain natural ingredients like snail serum and Rose Hip Oil (at least 2 times a day depending on the severity of the blemishes) you can dissolve damaged tissues, reducing and even eliminating all signs of stretch marks. These biological ingredients also create an environment that promote the production of normal collagen, improving skin firmness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: