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Business B2B lead generation can be effectively leveraged with the help of intelligent marketing automation services. Marketing automation solutions and services provide the following benefits to B2B marketers. Centralized database Marketing automation software helps marketers to manage their leads database from one centralized platform. Whether it is consolidation of leads from different sources or providing separate visits and leads views, such platforms can help manage leads coming in through marketing campaign form fills, email campaigns, social media, etc. Lead intelligence Today, intelligent platforms are able to deduce lead intent and provide actionable intelligence such as company details, decision maker contact data, etc. Using this company level intelligence and buying intent of prospects, marketers can easily plan for personalized nurturing campaigns as well. Identification of Marketing Qualified Leads By providing marketers with lead intelligence, marketing automation services help to separate the ready-to-buy leads from the low-intent driven browsing website visitors. Lead Scoring For every visit and every activity registered on the site, marketers can score, qualify and prioritize leads, so that sales teams can focus only on the "higher quality" leads. Using lead trackers and marketing automation services marketers will be able to score based on demographics and website behavior. Also, these solutions help to set up email alerts whenever a lead crosses a threshold scoring level. Lead Nurturing Over a period of time, through constant scoring and obtaining lead intelligence information, marketers will be able to create marketing campaign workflows that can be executed in a timely manner, in order to reach out to those leads that have shown high interest in the companys product. Marketing automation services help to create time based triggers for email nurturing campaigns. Such platforms also automate email campaigns in order to effectively deliver the product or solution message to prospects and customers. Social Connectivity Being socially active has become an imperative part of B2B marketing as well. Marketing automation services help to track social responses, track click throughs, and devise special campaigns to reach out to them. Reporting Lead analytics is one of the highly rated benefits of B2B marketing automation services. The reports generated from leadtracker and marketing automation services help to increase effectiveness of inside sales and take timely and appropriate actions. Also, they are a great way to assess marketing spend and calculate return on investment from a financial point of view. When combined with a proper roadmap for revenue generation by the companys top management, services of marketing automation platforms can be efficiently leveraged to close business deals faster. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: