with whom he has a 17 year old daughter. They dated for years and even worked together on the less than stellar Zoom and The Shaggy Dog. Grand Lake Ceremony Tim 吉林松原发生地震 赤裸女子高速自尽

Marriage-Wedding June may be the biggest month for weddings, but not all celebrities choose to exchange vows during the summer. Take Santa Clause star Tim Allen’s recent marriage as an example. On October 9, 2006, Tim said I do to his girlfriend of five years, Jane Hajduk in a private ceremony in Grand Lake, Colorado. Tim and Jane met in 2001 while he was still legally married to his first wife, Laura Diebel, with whom he has a 17 year old daughter. They dated for years and even worked together on the less than stellar Zoom and The Shaggy Dog. Grand Lake Ceremony Tim, who was born in Denver, chose Grand Lake for the ceremony, probably because its one of the most beautiful spots in the state. The specific location of the wedding wasn’t released, but the small village of shopping, restaurants, and charming real estate, is home to nearly a dozen different wedding facilities. For a Colorado wedding, especially one with such a tremendous view of the Rocky Mountains, October is an ideal time because of the beauty of the changing season. However, October and other off-season months can be great wedding times in other places, too. Let’s look at a few reasons why. Why Marry Off-Season? One reason is you’re more likely to be able to get what you want for your wedding. If you’re planning for a late spring or early summer wedding then you’d better plan at least 24 months in advance especially if you’re hoping to have the ceremony in a popular location or to hire the top vendors in your area. If you choose an off-season time, then you’re more likely to find your locations and vendors available when you need them. Another reason is that you’re going to save money or, at least, you should. Wedding vendors charge premium prices during the wedding season just as hotels and tourist attractions do. When demand is high, prices are just naturally going to get higher and that’s not a great deal if you’re planning a wedding on a budget. With an off-season wedding, however, you’ll either automatically receive a discount or you can ask for off-season pricing if it’s not offered. Finally, depending on where you are located, off-season months might just be more desirable weather wise for a wedding. In many spots, the temperatures and humidity make it miserable for the bride and the bridal party to wear their dresses. The heat can also easily ruin cakes and can increase the risk of dehydrating guests, especially when there’s drinking involved at the reception. Also, if you have your heart set on an evening wedding, you’re going to have to wait much later at night during the spring and summer than during the off-season. Of course, these benefits may or may not have figured in to Tim and Jane’s decision to get married in October. Either way, choosing an off-season time for your special day might be just another way for you to have the wedding you truly want without worrying about the money or the weather. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: