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Call center outsourcing is certainly not a novel industry, and you may be well aware of the potential benefits of offshore outsourcing services. There are many jargons related to offshore outsourcing which can be pretty confusing especially if you are planning to take advantage of call center services. It is important that you understand the most common buzz words used in the offshore outsourcing industry. Okay, lets look at the top ten buzz words associated to call center outsourcing: 1. Near Shore Outsourcing This simply means when a company outsources some of its work to a neighbouring country. 2. Onshore Outsourcing Onshore or domestic outsourcing is when BPO requirements are met by a particular company also located within the same country. In comparison to other call center outsourcing opportunities, onshore outsourcing can be pretty expensive particularly when it regards labor costs, taxes and other related areas of business. 3. Globalization This term simply refers to a nature of business and goods which has no recognized boundaries of time, language or countries. 4. Offshore Outsourcing Offshore outsourcing services are patronized by lots of companies no matter the size or type. Offshore outsourcing is simply an act where work is outsourced to destination(s) where the labor and manpower costs is a lot cheaper than onshore or near shore destinations. 5. Crowd Sourcing This is a process where interested workers are invited through an open call (which is usually online), i.e. Bidding platforms. 6. TCO TCO means Total Cost of Outsourcing/Total Cost of Ownership from the cost of labor to service charges and from the managing and implementation of fees that call center services have to bear for a clients project is included in the TCO term. 7. Virtual Call Center This is a call center where all the agents are located in different places but work as a team for a company. 8. BPO Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is just another fancy word for call center. Although, it is also used in a much wider perspective; BPO is split into 2 categories: Back office outsourcing Front office outsourcing 9. E-Outsourcing This is when a company buys needed IT products or services through the internet instead of deploying its in-house resources in order to satisfy this IT need. 10. SLA Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that includes the terms and conditions, services and charges on which call center services and its clients is agree upon. When contacting offshore outsourcing services such InSO International Call Center, the industry lingo will not seem like another language to you. Read more – Four Questions To Ask Before Hiring Auto Accident Lawyer In Philadelphia By: Hampry – Looking to find an auto accident lawyer in Philadelphia? Here are the questions you ask before hiring a legal team. 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