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SEO UNDERSTANDING DOMAIN NAMES As we know , there is nobody who controls the Internet. Then you might wonder as to who registers domain name the name to the users. An addressing system was designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The addressing scheme assigns names and numbers to identify the computes on the Internet. These names are called domain names and numbers are called IP addresses. Every computer system on the Internet has both a domain name and an IP address. This address contains four sets of numbers separated by periods or dots. Each set of numbers can have the values ranging from 1 to 255. The numbers between the dots is called an octet. An IP address is organized from left to right where the leftmost represents the largest network organization and the rightmost octet describes the actual network connection. These combined parts are always unique for the given host. This Domain name scheme has been proved good but the numbers become difficult to manage and to quite an extent impossible to remember. A method for recognition of computers by names was therefore devised. A smaller network making up the Internet, and having many computers or even smaller networks within it, is called a domain. This domain may represent either a type of organization or a geographical location. Smaller networks and computers forming part of the domain may be further split up into sub domains. You should be cautious in the process of domain name registration, as the domain names are the key element used for searching and recognizing sites on the web presence effortlessly Various options for Network providers are: com – A company of commercial organization net – Network resources or Internet service provider mil – Available to United States Government agencies including the US military org – Organization, like Non profit Government Organizations (NGOs). Religious bodies etc. gov – Government organizations edu – Educational institutions, colleges, schools etc Other domains include .biz, .cat, .info, .mobi, .name,.pro, .travel, .tv, .ws, .to Some other options for countries are au – Australia uk – United Kingdom usa – Unites States of America fr – France ca – Canada Some of the domain name registrars offering domain name registeration services include Go Daddy, Network Solutions, ENOM, Tucows, Register.com, Melbourne IT, etc About the Author: 相关的主题文章: