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Business Sustainability is a big word these days, and not just in terms of syllables. Everyone is looking for ways to prove that their business or company is engaged in sustainable development; sustainable long term planning; even sustainable cleaning. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are more commonly used than they ever have been, with cleaning supplies UK manufacturers selling more eco friendly stuff every month. Is sustainable cleaning really possible though? In order for your cleaning routines to be sustainable, you have to be able to do two things: first you have to be able to prove that the actual cleaning power of the products you are using has not diminished below an acceptable level (if at all); and second you must be able to show that the holistic environmental effect of the cleaning products you are using falls below a certain pre-defined point. In order to work out whether your environmentally friendly cleaning products are really helping you to practice sustainable cleaning, ask yourself the following questions. One: do you get your products from a cleaning supplies UK manufacturer? If your cleaning products are made anywhere other than the United Kingdom you are going to have a hard time proving a sustainable cleaning routine: the cost to the earth just in flying or shipping them from their country of origin to Great Britain blows you out of the water. Two: If your environmentally friendly cleaning products are produced in the United Kingdom how far did they have to travel between where they were made and where they are shipped from? In other words does your cleaning supplies UK manufacturer ship from source or are your cleaning products going up and down the country just to get put into a ware house, before they ever leave for your cleaning cupboard? Your cleaning products manufacturer needs to be able to show a lack of unnecessary round trips for the manufacture and storage of its stuff, if your cleaning routine is to be sustainable. Three: how much packaging do your environmentally friendly cleaning products use? What percentage of the plastic mountain at landfill sites is caused by the bottles and packets your cleaning products come to you in? Your cleaning supplies UK manufacturer must be able to prove that it uses the bare minimum of packaging for your cleaning kit: and furthermore, that this packaging is made from the most environmentally friendly (to produce: bio degradability is something of a myth, in terms of ecosystem health, so dont worry about whether it can collapse under the normal bio mechanics of aging) materials available. If you can get past all those questions, you are on course for having a genuinely sustainable cleaning routine. Remember though that sustainability is as much about whether you can keep this up as if the environmentally friendly cleaning products you use are genuinely good. If you cant afford to keep buying the products that a cleaning products UK manufacturer sells, then your cleaning routine is not sustainable. Find a manufacturer like Fresh Clean, where the price and all the environmental effects are right, and you are onto a truly sustainable cleaning routine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: