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Travel-and-Leisure Discovering Spain and Booking at Barcelona Hotels Cheap fares, reasonably-priced airlines, and sun-blanched beaches have made Spain the travelers resort destination when they desire to escape their damp climates, and the reason is plain and simple. Spain consists of several regions, offering a variety of options from the Mediterranean coastline to the countrys energetic cities and vibrant festivals that amuse and delight seasoned travelers. Of all these places, Barcelona is top of the list with its summer thats good for sunbathing and winter thats chilly, particularly if you are conveniently billeted in Barcelona hotels. Colorful festivals occur in the city throughout the year to celebrate different seasons, the largest of which is Festes de la Merce, a week-long affair that takes place around the 24th of September. Barcelona becomes alive with dancing and singing extravaganzas for its patron saint, La Mare de Dieu de la Merce. No one will ever doubt that making reservations in one of the Barcelona hotels will all be worthwhile. Barcelona Hotels and Neighboring Cities Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the loveliest and most interesting places in the whole of Europe. There are a huge number of factors which attract you to this city, like the boutiques, lanes, architectural designs, Barcelona hotels and even the aromatic air of the place. The citys relaxed atmosphere charms you to saunter and walk through the place and the adjacent cities and towns too, without any urgency. Badalona is one of the oldest towns in Catalonia, and just a few kilometers away from Barcelona. Being influenced by the Roman culture, it takes pride in a unique and extraordinary sculpture, the Venus of Badalona, which signifies that this town was once a rich Roman metropolitan, something worth looking into. Gava of Catalonia also attracts a number of tourists mainly due to its fabulous destination spots and accommodation choices which are known to offer entertainment and respite in the same manner as with Barcelona hotels. Gava is an awe-inspiring beachside region considered as a metropolitan flourishing with museums, mausoleums, historical structures and other sights. Special Offers from Barcelona Hotels Have you ever imagined a vacation tour to the popular city of Barcelona in Spain, with a stay at an amazing hotel gifting special discounts and granting that extra tinge of pleasure in your trip?Visit this city before March 2010 ends and get the chance to avail of a very special offer in one of the best Barcelona hotels. One of the brilliant hotels of the city, Hilton Barcelona, has presented an offer of 25% reduction if you book your hotel stay using your Visa card, a promo lasting until March 31st 2010. Also, if you book in advance via the internet, you are entitled to receive a 20% cut-off on their existing top rates. Hilton Barcelona is also providing amazing packages to enjoy a lovely spring weekend in the city from March 27th to June 27th with incredibly low room rates of just 59 for a night or a weeks accommodations from April 2 and April 18 with the above-mentioned rentals. Arent these special deals amazing?Make reservations as quickly as possible to reap the maximum benefits. Barcelona Hotels and Interesting Guidelines Barcelona, one of the well-known Spain cities, has evolved as a prominent tourist destination spot to experience a great holiday. Certain ideas and information have been provided for your probable tour to this place. First, have knowledge on your likely expenses for the whole trip as it is always better to have extra money on hand than to go out of it while you are still on your trip. The next point is to make a list of the essential commodities which you would require for your holiday. Packing with the help of a list greatly reduces the possibility of leaving out any necessary stuff. Third, you might want to check the place you are going to on the internet or through other sources, especially when you can ask someone you know who had been on that place before. Also, obtain your reservations well in advance in any of the fabulous Barcelona hotels which will delight you with a grand time when you arrive there. Lastly, have fun and enjoy your Barcelona trip. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: