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Fu Moyang: double EIA Chinese technical analysis following the morning call near misses October 13th morning API recorded higher than expected last night, EIA data even more than expected; when the week since EIA crude oil inventories refresh in April the largest increase, and is the 6 consecutive week recorded for the first time on the rise; Cushing crude oil stocks, stocks of gasoline and distillate inventories the decline was more than expected last week; although the domestic crude oil production is properly reduced, but the WTI crude oil prices tumbled below $50 a barrel back. Yesterday, the Asia Europe plate rebound hit 50.40 near the pressure sideways. To the U.S. disk late period, EIA is significantly higher than expected and the previous value, crude oil fell sharply broke bottom. With the technical aspects of the expansion down. At present, the recovery of neutral position shocks, so pay close attention to the closing. The decline has been close to 49.10 lows, if today’s closing below the 10 line, tomorrow will deepen the adjustment, 50.40 will form a new resistance step demarcation point. Crude oil technology analysis: last night after the oil price dropped to 49.36, it showed a rising trend, and the falling market was gone forever. From the four hours chart Bollinger Bands opening up, prices run on the band, KDJ divergence upward, MACD indicators speed line junction formation, green short ability of overall shrinkage, long strong. At present, the market continues to expand. The recent market straddle intertwined, wide shocks, the operation must take the stop loss and profit, to prevent the emergence of Youkong situation, because of the bad news on Thursday crude oil asphalt EIA and API refining oil and relatively good news rushed into V type trend, fully consistent with the given interval. At present, the technical point of view, the daily level of long continuous support, concern 49.8 line pressure, attention line 51.4, line 4 hours and hours line showed upside trend, supporting 50.15 attention, Yang received a weekly trend, I believe that the days fell unlikely, you can do more dips in a single entry, days suggested low. Today’s Chinese micro disk polypropylene point proposal: 5100-05 do more to buy up, stop 5080, target 5150 or above. Silver technology analysis: silver prices continue to maintain volatility fluctuations yesterday, in the technical chart, the market out of the standard horizontal arrangement. From the current trend, the market continues to sort out the need, the current main shock interval need to refocus on the 3480-3530 position. There is no price interval yesterday Po Wei, today is still expected to have silver limited. From the short-term point of view, the current silver prices remain low finishing needs. In today’s market, there is not much news stimulus, according to such a rhythm, silver prices continue to maintain the possibility of interval shocks very much, suggesting that investors do not go too far, unilateral trading is appropriate. Under the condition of broken bits continue to maintain range trading can be. Today, China Merchants silver point recommendations: 3480 near do more, stop 3450, target 3530; 3530 line short, stop 3550, target 3480. Sina statement: Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information,.

付墨阳:双EIA谢幕有惊无险 早间华商技术分析   继10月13日凌晨API录得的增幅高于预期后,昨晚EIA数据甚至更加超出预期;当周EIA原油库存刷新4月以来的最大增幅,并且是连续6周以来首次录得上涨;库欣地区原油库存、汽油库存和精炼油库存的下滑幅度都大于预期幅度;尽管上周国内原油产量适当减少,但WTI原油价格猛跌回50美元 桶下方。   昨天亚欧盘反弹触及50.40附近承压横盘。至美盘稍晚时段,EIA大幅高于预期和前值,原油受挫大跌破底。配合技术面展开下跌。目前回升再中性位置震荡,那么关注尾盘的收盘。下跌已经比较接近49.10低点支撑,若是今天收盘在10日线下方,明天还会加深调整,50.40会形成新的阻力台阶分界点。   原油技术分析:昨晚间在油价降到49.36后便呈现上涨趋势,下跌行情一去不复返。从四小时走势图来看布林带开口向上,油价运行于布林带上轨,KDJ发散上行,指标MACD快慢线交汇形成金叉,绿色空头能力缩量,整体多头强势。目前行情仍在继续扩大涨幅。近期的行情多空交织,宽幅震荡,操作上一定带好止损止盈,防止出现诱空局面,周四原油沥青因EIA利空消息与API精炼油利多消息相对冲而成V型走势,与笔者给出区间完全相符。   目前技术面来看,日线级别多头持续,支撑关注49.8一线,压力关注51.4一线,4小时线及小时线均呈上攻趋势,支撑关注50.15,周线趋势收阳,笔者认为日内大跌可能性不大,早盘即可逢低做多单进场,日内建议低多为主。今日华商微盘聚丙烯点位建议:5100-05做多买涨,止损5080,目标5150或以上。   白银技术分析:白银价格在昨天继续维持震荡波动,在技术图上,行情走出比较标准的横向整理形态。从当前的走势来看,行情存在继续整理的需要,目前主要的震荡区间需要重新关注3480-3530位置。这里是昨天价格没有破位的区间,在今天预计仍然对白银会有一定的限制性。   从短线来看,当前白银价格存在低位的继续整理需要。在今天市场没有太多的消息刺激,按照这样的节奏来看,白银价格在今天继续维持区间震荡的可能性非常,建议投资者不要过分的去交易单边为宜。在不破位的情况之下,继续维持区间交易即可。今日华商盘面白银点位建议:3480附近做多,止损3450,目标3530;3530一线做空,止损3550,目标3480。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: