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Societe Generale Gold: Gold 1130 days on finishing a small non farm crude oil prices fell sharply for second consecutive days, dragged down stock markets in Europe and the US, to continue to provide support for the gold price, but in the United States non-agricultural before cautious market sentiment, the highest on the exploration of gold 1130.85, overall to maintain order in the file below, amplitude is only about $8. Silver continued in January since the end of finishing rangebound, slightly overcast. The European Central Bank officials have issued a hawkish speech, the ECB mersch said the March FOMC when we will re evaluate existing policies, we haven’t made any decisions, are those with a vested interest of further easing is expected to create a big; the market underestimates the December launch of easing measures, a part of these measures may be extended to 2019. The Fed’s 2016 votes on behalf of the Kansas Committee hawkish Fed President George said that the recent market turmoil is not surprising, therefore no need to panic. Unless the outlook for the economy changes, the Fed will continue to raise interest rates. The speeches of two officials in Europe and the United States have limited impact on the market, because the market has shifted its focus to Friday’s non-agricultural report. The recent slowdown in the American economy the obvious signs, and the Fed said the future interest rates will still depend on economic data, although the employment market has been good enough to allow the fed to rest assured, but if this Friday’s non farm strong will to continue to delay the Fed’s interest rate two times the expected market reassurance. Disk view, 1130 there is a certain resistance, in the cautious mood near the file arrangement is reasonable, but gold by the market to the global economic anxiety support, maintain the overall upward momentum, need to continue to pay attention to the performance of 1130 lines of resistance. The days will be announced in January services PMI, on the current market light trading has no obvious effect, focus on the evening U.S. January ADP employment data, the market is expected to ADP the number of new jobs is 190 thousand, if the results again significantly better than expected, will boost market confidence for Friday’s payrolls, stimulus has been back on the short-term support line in order to suppress gold dollar rebound, on the other hand, the price of gold is expected to break the 1130 open further upside resistance. Technical analysis: gold day short-term rebound trend intact, overnight finishing in the 1130 line, but as long as the steady at 1123-1118 is expected to continue upward. 4 hours chart: narrow arrangement below 1130, fluctuation is limited, near or continue to shake the file. Hour chart: there is resistance on the 1130 line, but support is provided near 1120 below. Summary: within the day, wait and see, wait for the 1120 line to do more, aggressive 1130 light warehouse short, set up stop, see around 1120. Silver: Daily: lack of short-term weak rebound, finishing, 14.40 resistance concerns, support attention 14.20, further support 14.10. 4 hours map: in 14.40-14.20 finishing, slightly disadvantaged. Hour chart: continue to be restricted by MA100 (14.30), but can not be too empty before the 14.25 effective breakthrough. Review: the suggestion in Japan

兴业金号:黄金1130整理 日内关注小非农   原油价格连续第二天大幅下挫,拖累欧美股市,继续为金价提供支持,不过,在美国非农前,市场情绪表现谨慎,金价最高上探1130.85,总体维持在该档下方整理,波幅仅8美元左右。白银继续在1月底以来整理区间波动,小幅收阴。   当日欧美央行官员均发表了鹰派讲话,欧央行默施表示,3月份议息时我们将再次评估现有政策,我们还没有做出任何决定,是那些既得利益者大肆营造进一步宽松的预期;市场低估了12月推出的宽松措施,这些措施中的一部分可能延续至2019年。美联储2016年票委鹰派代表堪萨斯联储主席乔治则称,近期市场动荡并不令人意外,无需因此恐慌。除非经济前景展望发生变化,美联储将继续加息。   欧美两位官员的讲话对市场影响有限,因市场已经将焦点转向周五的非农报告。近期美国经济增长放缓迹象明显,而美联储称未来加息进程仍将取决于经济数据,尽管就业市场已经足够好到可以让美联储放心,但若本周五非农表现强劲,将给不断推迟美联储二次加息预期的市场一颗定心丸。盘面看,1130存在一定的阻力,在谨慎情绪下在该档附近整理是合理的,但黄金受到市场对全球经济忧虑情绪的支持,维持整体上行势头,需要继续关注1130一线阻力的表现。   日内各国将公布1月服务业PMI,料对市场当前清淡的交投没有明显影响,重点关注晚间美国1月ADP就业数据,市场预期美国ADP新增就业人数为19万,若结果又一次大幅好于预期,将极大提振市场对周五非农的信心,刺激已经回踩短期支持线的美元回升,从而打压黄金,反之,金价有望上破1130阻力,打开进一步上行空间。   技术分析   黄金   日图:短期反弹走势完好,隔夜整理于1130一线,但只要持稳于1123-1118将有望继续上行。   4小时图:窄幅整理于1130下方,波动有限,该档附近或继续震荡。   小时图:1130一线存在阻力,但下方1120附近提供支持。   综述:日内稳妥观望等待1120一线逢低做多,激进者1130轻仓做空紧设止损,看1120附近。   白银:   日图:反弹缺乏力度,短线整理偏弱,阻力关注14.40,支持关注14.20,进一步支持14.10。   4小时图:在14.40-14.20整理,略偏弱势。   小时图:继续受MA100(14.30)制约,但下方14.25有效突破前不能过分看空。   综述:日内建议关注14.25-14.30上下轨表现决定方向。   日内关注:   意大利 法国 德国 欧元区1月服务业采购经理人指数终值   英国1月服务业采购经理人指数   欧元区12月零售销售   美国1月ADP就业人数变化   美国1月服务业采购经理人指数   美国1月ISM非制造业指数   美国上周EIA原油库存变化   兴业金号祝您生活愉快!   兴业金号   2016-2-3 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: