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"Farewell" ending   reputation achievement phenomenon topic drama king — people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn directed by Wang Jun, written by He Qing, Huang Lei and starring Hai Qing, Zifeng Zhhang, Zhu Yuanyuan, Han Qing, Chen Xiaoyun, Hu Xianxu, Zhao Jinmai starring idol TFBOYS Chen Shu and Vivian Wu, in particular, Wang Ji portrait of joining the national the big topic of "little drama farewell" after the first round hit yesterday, in the Beijing satellite TV has the first ending tonight, Zhejiang TV will also broadcast. The show is the first to reflect the students studying in China’s film and television works, not only to fill the vacancy of modern summer drama, but also to meet the audience’s desire for realism. During the broadcast triggered a strong resonance of the community, set off a discussion of education, parents, people’s livelihood and other topics of discussion boom, access to the unanimous praise of all ages. "Separation" for 11 consecutive days, won the ratings high, with the topic of the summit of micro-blog 24 hours a hot topic list, for 3 consecutive weeks on Douban popular TV series list, score as high as 8.2, to obtain a win-win reputation and market, become the "2016 phenomenon topic drama king", and was rated in relevant seminars as "a truly realistic works of excellence". To achieve a win-win reputation and market the drama of the texture to achieve the ultimate "separation" in the summer to get together the talent shows itself in the fantasy Television Market ratings data brisk, obtain a win-win reputation and ratings, known as "the conscience of this rare drama". According to CSM35 data show that the "separation" during the broadcast ratings won a total of 11 days, the network playing a total amount of up to 4 billion 680 million times the search volume ranked Baidu billboard list TOP5 TV, Baidu mainland drama popular list third. # TV # with the topic of parting high summit micro-blog hot topic 24 hours a list, read the inscription of two main words totaled 1 billion 180 million. Let "separation" of reality and the real reflection of detail of excellence at the launch date of the obtained zero difference good reputation rating, with a high score of 8.2 for three consecutive weeks on the popular TV series watercress list. In the meat ridden fantasy idol drama breakout success, enough to show that the "small separation" with sincerity and quality to get the audience recognized. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: