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As the Internet culture quality draw the red line – Sohu comments a few years ago, the Internet governance is committed to correcting network public opinion environment, combating rumors pass rumors behavior, online digestion hostility. These work is more focused on political and social level; the webcast belongs to a popular culture, in the webcast there are many vulgar culture, feudal superstition platform, even pornographic content, as well as minors involved in violation of public order and good performance. National Internet Information Office, Internet broadcast service management regulations for the management of the webcast is very timely, the red line for the cultural quality of the internet. This management regulations for the network vulgar culture is a severe constraint, a powerful reminder. The provisions of the provisions of the Internet broadcast service management from the Internet broadcast platform and live publishers two levels of constraints. The introduction of credit management of the publisher, to provide the true identity information, illegal video, audio, graphic information release of the "black list" management; have the necessary qualifications for broadcast platform requirements, to provide convenient public complaints received complaints after the entrance, if not active treatment, may have to bear joint liability of illegal information the spread of. Standardize the management of this forum, in the early years of the BBS platform, and later on the micro-blog platform, already has a mature management system, the Internet is also a strong sense of self-discipline and heteronomy. The webcast as a new thing, the management system is not complete, platform editing, administrators and moderators of management awareness and management level is not in place, especially the live publisher and the viewer’s legal quality, cultural quality needs to be improved. Any kind of carrier, in the convenience of the masses, but also should consider whether the mainstream values, in line with public order and good customs. Considering the network live mostly in the mobile terminal to watch, so the introduction of the provisions of a new measure of the management of the mobile Internet, I believe that with the increase of the government management, the public media literacy increased, the mobile terminal of public opinion ecology and culture ecology will end with PC like haze gradually dispersed, the sky peep. The governance of the network public opinion ecology needs the efforts of the government management department and the judicial organ. The governance of network cultural environment, in addition to government management measures, need more open active network of cultural criticism, guide the audiovisual content quality online, cultivate positive, civilized good network culture. Some webcast content, not necessarily illegal, but the cultural level is certainly not high, the need for cultural criticism and cultural awareness of producers, communicators, viewers, to promote quality improvement. Cultural criticism to keep up with the pace of management, the means of cultural guidance and administrative means complement each other, forming a joint force of Internet governance. Strengthen the management, not to the network broadcast this new style of culture beat. When Antonioni documentary "China", found that ordinary Chinese people used to avoid the lens, or in front of the camera is not natural expression. The webcast today let ordinary Chinese face the camera, displays the real self, but not vulgar looks good, there is no lack of humor and sincere, even clever, save some petty is not greater than. new相关的主题文章: