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Captain Hart farewell farewell 10 year career with Manchester City (GIF) Hart bid farewell to the Etihad stadium Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 25th morning, the 201617 season in the Champions League playoff second leg started, Al Ittihad Stadium against Steaua Bucharest in manchester. Since the first round of Manchester 5-0 away win promotion, no suspense, so the game, coach Guardiola sent a number of young players and edge echelon. But before the opening, the Etihad stadium uproar, shocking applause almost throughout the Manchester. Why? Hart enters the stage! As everyone knows, Guardiola took over Manchester City, it began to drop Hart, the first three games of the match, he enabled Caballero to sit for 270 minutes, England goalkeeper bench. About Hart’s future, Guardiola is not ambiguous, so if the England goalkeeper left the team, to fight for a role; at the same time, Guardiola also contacted the former club Barcelona, Bravo transfer operation, and near the end. So, Manchester City at home Bucharest star game, fans and Fleet Street is seen as Hart’s farewell game, but also had a warm palm of the stadium, the game, and even played as captain Hart. As Genzheng Miao red Manchester City, Hart has a huge fan base, blue moon fans under various banners and slogans to express to Hart warmly, and expect Guardiola to change mind leaving Hart. In the first half, Hart did not show, Bucharest until sixty-seventh minutes before the completion of the first shot in the door frame, let Hart make a save; because the opportunity is very few, the City fans see Hart every touch, will give a warm applause. When the final whistle, Hart rare to thank Manchester City fans, this basically represents his farewell saeed. The 29 year old Hart in 2006 to join Manchester City, and China player Jihai Sun is the team so far, on behalf of the blue moon in 348 appearances, helping Manchester City win five trophies, including two Premier League titles, one FA Cup and two League Cups; Hart has won four Premier League Golden Gloves, two times in the Premiership the best team of the year. (fence)相关的主题文章: