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It’s all about babe princess is beautiful and wild – Culture – original title: all blame inexperienced Princess beautiful and wild "nineteenth Century top ballet encyclopedia" aura, composer Tchaikovsky’s ballet "Sleeping Beauty" since 1890 debut in St Petersburg Ma Lin Khodorkovsky theatre so far, almost all of the world’s classical ballet the troupe’s stage, all have its shadow. One of the most offbeat, is the "New York Times" is known as "master narrative", the British "genius" choreographer Matthew? Bourne 2012 directed and choreographed version. On Sunday, the New Adventures of the production of this version of the sleeping beauty in Beijing flyover Art Center completed 6 performances. The play can completely break the "strange Prince wake Sleeping Princess of hundred years of Aurora, two people lived together happily ever after" a word of fairy tale, hope enjoy "standard ballet" the audience is undoubtedly wrong theatre, dance can be seen in the second, a drama can see is the key, Matthew? Bourne is a mixture of dance, drama and film elements in one, "mixed product no branch". His "Gothic perspective", witch have successor, vampire princess became the personification of the spindle, wild child, Prince for hunters, plot the ups and downs of the brain hole wide open degree, comparable to the Diablo series movie. This version of "Sleeping Beauty", is the second in 1992 will be "The Nutcracker" story background in the orphanage, 1995 hired all male dancers "jump", "Swan Lake", Matthew? Bourne Tchaikovsky "ballet Trilogy" subversive adaptation wrap up. "The Nutcracker" and "Swan Lake" in the last century in 90s and achieved great success, so he sprouted the complete "ballet Trilogy" thought, but "Sleeping Beauty" love at first sight, and followed him for more than 10 years, has not been able to convince him. Matthew and Bourne are not the first to question the tale of the sleeping beauty. The American director Clyde geronimi? 1959 shooting of Disney animated film "Sleeping Beauty", the prince would like to kiss a hundred years Sleeping Princess Aurora, because her fingers were punctured, the fate of the cursed seal spindle before, two people have to fall in love, and she awoke, still think the boyfriend was a commoner. Although the end is not immune to the reunion, but let the plot class misunderstanding is even more dramatic, more logical. "Sleeping Beauty" of the story of another key theme of "justice over evil", Disney animation, also let Carla Bos appear, Tchaikovsky witch from first to last in the Overture for her to create too fierce tone, but in many ballet version, she is only a branch of little importance. Compared to Disney animation, Matthew? Bourne version of "Sleeping Beauty" not only for Aurora and royal civilian boy gamekeeper Leo even doubt her childhood sweetheart, the royal couple, but their subjects to the "confession", from the forest to pick up wild child. In order to show Aurora were cute tame her with other versions of "Sleeping Beauty" in different, Matthew? Bourne with a marionette show her barbaric growth, when she once discontent barking, no matter around the fairy will be at a loss what to do. Growth of cardamom girls, she)相关的主题文章: