State health maternity hospital dietitians tell you how to eat the first meal, postpartum maternal a-headache怎么读�

State health maternity hospital dietitians tell you how to eat the first meal, postpartum postpartum maternal and child – Sohu should not blindly tonic postpartum tonic, this is Chinese tradition. Many people think that postpartum body deficiency, need Dabu special meeting to recover as soon as possible, especially now is the winter, is just the tonic season, so many mothers every day, eat lots of chicken soup pig’s trotters, what is more, "a chicken every day". State health maternity hospital nutritionist pointed out that postpartum tonic, moderation of health science. State health maternity hospital confinement meals make nutritionists said, postpartum gastrointestinal function has not been restored, can not eat too much greasy food. Old hen, hoof and other food fat content is relatively high, not suitable for immediate postpartum. And too fat will form a fat accumulation in the body, resulting in postpartum obesity. In addition, the mother from the birth to lactation, there is a link in the middle, is to let all the breast tube. If the breast tube is not all smooth, and the mother drank a lot of soup, then the secretion of milk will be blocked in the breast tube, the serious will cause maternal fever. Nutritionists recommend that new mothers postpartum diet should be refined, complex, thin, soft as the main principle. Fine is not too much; miscellaneous refers to food varieties; dilute refers to water to be more soft; refers to the food cooking mode should be mainly fine. Postpartum diet four principles: refined, complex, thin, soft as mothers during childbirth excessive physical exertion, physical weakness, gastrointestinal function has not been fully restored, so the first postpartum meal should be preferred digestible, nutrient rich liquid food, such as corn, sweet potato porridge, steamed custard, Rice porridge are lotus root starch good choice. Wait for second days and then began to eat some soft food or ordinary meals. State health maternity hospital for postpartum mother a month of meals is the implementation of this standard. It must be noted that the maternal postpartum 5-7 days should be to rice gruel, soft rice, noodles, soup and so rotten food, don’t eat too much greasy items, such as chicken soup, pig’s trotters etc.. After 7 days postpartum, gastrointestinal function gradually restored, then eat fish, meat, eggs, chicken and other protein foods, but should not be too full. Within 1 months after the birth of the mother should be more than one meal a day, meals to 5-6 times per day is appropriate. After 1 months of pregnancy, women should avoid water and salt, but also lettuce, fruit, fruit juice, milk and other water and cold food. Soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and other salt seasoning, it is not necessary to use a light diet. In the national health service for many years in the obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital nutritionist said, there are a lot of families want nutrition mother as much as possible. Need intense make up two premises, one is the new mothers breast unimpeded, with lactation demand, two is to enter the third week postpartum confinement of gastrointestinal function has been restored almost, the mother’s body and restore your baby needs both in tune, began to eat nutritious food to send will be the biggest effect. The nutritionist also reminded the women is best not to eat spicy cold and hard food such as leeks, garlic, chili, pepper, fennel, these foods will make the maternal heat, can affect the baby through the breast milk.相关的主题文章: