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Zhejiang Zhuji jingqishen condensation village   rural hall into a cultural landmark — Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: Rural hall into a cultural landmark (rural civilization tour) "Wen Fang, Jixian white" clothing "warm people, beautiful plum garden" and "Liushu Yang Lu, Jingjiang book"…… The profound meaning of the text, are from Zhejiang Province, Zhuji rural cultural auditorium. Zhuji 95 rural cultural hall, each with its own cultural symbols, from which the village of cultural style. A cultural hall, cohesion is a village jingqishen. In recent years, Zhuji city in order to retain the local culture, the reduction of nostalgia "for the program, carefully build cultural hall construction, culture hall become the spiritual home worthy of the name. Build cultural auditorium, Zhuji set a high standard at the beginning: an auditorium corresponds to a theme, 95 cultural auditorium, each goal is a cultural landmark". Ten in the East and rural village is the "village" of traditional drama characteristics in Zhejiang Province, where the "West luandan" has been listed as Zhejiang provincial intangible cultural heritage". The village hall is the ten cultural transformation from relying on the old ancestral hall, Heiwamu eaves, stone floor, antique, see a play here, like a return to the past time, so unforgettable. "The show in this ancient stage, especially the extraordinary artistic conception." "West of Luantan" provincial heritage Jiang Guifeng said. Now, the 95 cultural auditorium has its own theme, each characteristic, the formation of "one village one product" "one color" cultural landscape. Cultural Village Hall Tao Zhu street to the white dragon culture and school culture as the theme, wooden windows, lanterns, these distinctive old objects evoke people’s memories of the country. Came to the town of Yang Hu Village Cultural Hall, here the depth of mining "Shaoxing wine Yang Hu Tan" the cultural connotation, create pottery culture theme…… These cultural halls, like a small village museum. In order to normalize the activities gathered popularity. Lively gongs and drums sounded, ancient stage sleeves flying, in ten in the village of culture hall, a wonderful "West luandan" Princess Shuangyang "drew a packed audience. Now, Zhuji’s rural culture hall lively. Cultural performances often, every seasonal solar term villagers gathered here, the summer solstice, do wheat crackers, seven moon sesame jingtuan, sugar, Yang, mid autumn moon cake, do write antithetical couplet charades…… "I have been worried that our generation, the original folk customs will disappear. Now, instead of the traditional culture that we can’t see in childhood!" Time to take my son home living in Hangzhou Zhuji Zhao, let him feel the cultural roots of their own in the bustling temple. In Zhuji, the completion of the cultural auditorium, to the activities of the normalization of gathering auditorium popularity. Each half, the city newspaper, WeChat and other media platforms, will be all kinds of activities will be held in the Auditorium Culture notice; "weekend culture hall" and "culture" through train "beautiful villages in Zhuji for the three series of activities throughout the year, radiation culture hall spiritual home has appeared; the media Bureau, association of Social Sciences, association and town (street) of each unit of cultural resources integration)相关的主题文章: