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The doctor warned: stop online self testing depression not reliable finish in the circle of friends "depression self examination", feeling he was suffering from moderate depression, Wuchang guy Mr. Cai recently to the doctor for help. Fortunately, the doctor a channel let him put down the psychological burden. Mr. Cai works in a company in Wuchang. The last two weeks, he felt his mood is very low, but also insomnia, feel that life is no hope, the work also can not afford to god. The day before yesterday, he saw a self testing depression in the circle of friends list, a control to do what the test results is actually "moderate depression", which scared Mongolia, rushed to the doctor for help. However, director of the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of psychiatry, Li Li after careful inquiry, whether he just some depression, did not suffer from depression. Although the young man depressed, but cognitive, social functions are no problem." Director Li said that the young man from the countryside, hoping for an early sunrise poll, but sales pressure, coupled with the recent and girlfriend because of the problem of dowry in the "cold war", so lead to depression, sleep well at night. When the doctor asked him: if sales first, will be happy? The young man blurted out, "of course!" For the spread of the Internet a lot of depression self testing scale, director Lee said, on the basis of a self testing table as a result whether depression is not reliable, but will bring their own thoughts. For the diagnosis of depression patients need to be very careful, self rating scale, 90 options for the symptom checklist 20 options, more importantly, the professional doctor will carefully fill in the inquiry, "his rating scale", and according to the manual specification to determine the diagnosis of depression of patients suffering from depression. "In our life, because life, work, learning, emotion and so on, there will be a depression and depression, but this is only the early state of depression, not to equate depression." Director Li said, people have depression, depression state can go out, most active to the doctor for help to get rid of the bad mood, people are usually not suffering from depression, but many occult depression patients do not consider themselves sick, need to pay attention to.相关的主题文章: