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Wuhan plans to take the lead in declaring the world cultural heritage Wanli tea ceremony for Wanli tea ceremony. Data figure original title: Wuhan to carry out large-scale scientific investigations to identify the existing Hankou 22 miles tea related to the construction of Hubei daily news (reporter Cui Yuyu correspondent Chen Yingying) reporter learned yesterday, 2015 Hubei province surveying and Mapping Science and technology progress award winners announced the list of the day before, by the Wuhan City real estate surveying and Mapping Center Construction of the "Sino Russian Mongolia Miles tea" related buildings survey and the two or three dimensions of the platform construction project number "won the first prize. As the leading city of Wan Li tea ceremony, Wuhan took the lead to find out the remains of the buildings in Hankou, and provided the basic geographic information data support for the Wanli tea ceremony.     Wanli tea ceremony originated in seventeenth Century, across the Eurasian continent, a total length of 13000 kilometers, known as China and Russia to connect the "century artery", starting from Hubei, Hankou. According to miles tea related buildings survey project director Tian Wei, the project group with geographical information technology and operation method, investigation area of about 414.65 acres, in order to find out the amount of information, the original Russian Concession District in the area of housing, ownership, distribution and protection type base, and constructs a three-dimensional map of the number two integration platform. The platform of geographic information, computer network, spatial database technology as support tools, integrated housing resources, important historical buildings, buildings and other information related to the tea ceremony, to meet the housing resources of Hankou concession area and the miles tea heritage architecture of multiple data acquisition, processing, analysis, visualization and update management needs.     at present, Wuhan has identified 22 buildings related to Wanli tea ceremony, which are divided into 4 categories: Industrial and commercial buildings, public buildings, residential buildings and Qing Dynasty official establishments, with detailed information about the location, area, historical connections, historical photos and other basic information. Through investigation, new important historical buildings (or sites) have been found, and the data of two important historical buildings have been revised. It is of great political significance and practical significance to declare the world cultural heritage of Wanli tea ceremony. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi 武汉拟牵头为万里茶道申报世界文化遗产 万里茶道。资料图   原标题:武汉开展大规模科研调查查明 汉口现存22处万里茶道相关建筑   湖北日报讯(记者崔逾瑜、通讯员陈莹莹) 记者昨悉,2015年湖北省测绘科技进步奖获奖名单日前揭晓,由武汉市房产测绘中心承建的《中俄蒙三国“万里茶道”相关遗存建筑调查及二三维图数一体化平台建设》项目荣获一等奖。武汉作为万里茶道申遗牵头城市,率先摸清位于汉口的相关遗存建筑,为万里茶道申遗提供测绘基础地理信息数据支撑。   万里茶道起源于17世纪,横跨欧亚大陆,全长13000公里,被喻为联通中俄两国的“世纪动脉”,起点为湖北汉口。据万里茶道相关遗存建筑调查项目负责人田伟介绍,项目组采用地理信息技术手段和作业方法,调查区域面积约414.65亩,全面摸清了原俄租界区内房屋的数量、面积、权属、分布及保护类型等基本信息,并构建了二三维图数一体化平台。该平台以地理信息、计算机网络、空间数据库等技术为支持工具,集成房屋资源、重要历史建筑、茶道相关遗存建筑等信息,满足了原汉口租界区内房屋资源及万里茶道遗存建筑的多元数据采集、处理、分析、可视化和更新的管理需求。   目前,武汉市已查明22处万里茶道相关遗存建筑,分为工商建筑、公共建筑、住宅建筑和清朝官设机构4类,并附有详细的座落、面积、历史关联、历史照片等基本信息。通过调查,新发现四处重要历史建筑(或遗址),修正了两处重要历史建筑的资料,对万里茶道申报世界文化遗产具有十分重要的政治意义和现实意义。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: