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Business The internet is home to many applications that can help improve business productivity. One of your choices is a web based content management system. Many .panies online have this software for sale; some .panies will even offer to host the database if their customers don’t have internal servers of their own. There are other applications referred to as freeware, but the .pany using these programs must run the program and store all information themselves. Regardless of which type you use, there are steps that all businesses should take to reap the most benefits. Here are some tips that every business, both large and small, should keep in mind when using contact management programs: 1) Teach employees how to use the application, but also when to use it. All users must have instructions to follow; these programs are easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you want to give the log-in information and hope for the best. To use any software properly and effectively, proper training is a must. Each user should be shown how to search, how to update the information stored; they should also be walked through each menu options before you expect to see the best results. Another important part of training is telling each user what information should be inputted into the application. This information will vary depending on the .pany in question; the decision should be made upfront to eliminate wasted time and space. Most .panies want detailed information of the contact made with each client. When this detailed information is recorded, coworkers and management can refer to those notes and deal with that customer themselves; there is no need to track down the employee who first spoke with the customer. 2) Make use of all built-in features, including reports. Most web based contact management programs .e with reporting features. These reporting features enable managers to perform audits on their employees and do customer follow-ups to ensure the best level of service is provided; other detailed reports can be accessed too. A manager can not only perform audits, but get an overall idea on how contact is made with each client; they can also look for signs that an employee isn’t pulling their weight or get detailed reports on a .pany product or service. This particular feature is regularly used in inbound call centers. For instance, a call center manager can audit calls for the day or the week to see if a particular problem was causing disruptions. If they notice a problem, a solution can be worked on immediately, but without a web based content management reporting feature, someone else would have to notice first. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: