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Medicine One of the greatest threats in todays society is the problem of drug addiction. And the most alarming fact that crops up in this context is that these days the proportions of this rapid drug abuses has reached the epidemic level. Even in the recent surveys of National Institute of Drug Abuse it is seen that a great proportion of the total population of the United States are under the influence of the prescription drug abuse and that too for non-medical use. It is assumed that one of every five of the US population is engaged in some sort of drug abuse or the other. Therefore, there is no other term than a serious threat that can be labeled on this abuse of drugs. Moreover, the more serious concern in this respect is that these days it is not only the illegal drugs that are posing such a thereat to the modern society but people are getting addicted to prescription drugs instead. The point that comes forth in this random abuse of prescription drugs is that the excess of tension and stress has made the people of the modern society more and more dependent on these anti anxiety drugs and painkillers and therefore they get addicted to these drugs without even noticing their painkiller addiction symptoms until it is too late. The result of this pharmaceutical drug abuse is that a lot of American lives are lost each year. It is true that often painkiller drugs like codeine, oxycodone and morphine are prescribed by the doctors to relieve the pain of the patients who are suffering form trauma, illness or have undergone a surgery. Even for sleep disorder and anxiety problems, drugs like Valium, Librium and Xanax are prescribed. But it is often seen that these patients continue taking these drugs even for slightest reasons long after the prescription period is over. Thus they gradually develop a habit of taking these drugs and this habit gradually develops into their addiction to these drugs. Thus these drugs which are meant for the help in the treatment of the patients have become items for addiction to several people. This is surely a threat to the society and these drugs are not to be blamed for that. It is rather the mentality and the restlessness of people which has made these drugs addiction items. And as this pharmaceutical addiction does not develop in a single day and are rather the result of regular usage for a long period and therefore the treatment should also be given proper time so that the patient can be given complete cure. Therefore, in this respect a good rehab center can be the best answer to this addiction problem. But while choosing a drug rehab center one should always choose the renowned ones like the Luxury Drug Rehab. The treatment provided at Luxury Drug Rehab is based on two fold treatment procedure. The two fold treatment procedure means providing both physical and psychological treatment. This is especially essential because it is often seen that at rehab centers where this two fold treatment procedure is not followed there remains the risk for the patient to return back to his addiction even after the treatment is complete. Therefore, at drug rehab centers like Luxury Drug rehab both physical and psychological treatment is given proper priority. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: