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Parenting Have you ever heard of Salvador Dali Clocks? Possibly the most famous clockwork art work throughout history could be the clocks by Salvador Dali. His melting clocks have produced a whole style of clocks. His eye-catching clocks has been used in many art work designs, but his surreal masterpieces which seem like clocks melting or distorted were initially developed by Dali, capturing the worlds imagination. Dali was born in Spain in 1904 in an area called Figueres, Spain. Dalis very early work was predominantly charcoal drawings influenced by the artist Ramon Pichot. Overtime Dali began to receive a great deal of interest after adopting a style which he coined Cubism. During his time at Art academy he was expelled because he believed his teachers weren’t sufficiently good to judge his work. Every little thing about Dali was artistic including his image. Dali wore a handlebar moustache that he often modelled differently. There’s even a well-known picture of flowers connected to the end of his moustache. Dali was influenced by numerous things for instance the famous painters Picasso and Raphael. As his very own style evolved he became well-known for his surreal images. His utilization of clocks within his paintings have inspired clock manufacturers to create melting clocks which may be placed on shelves drooping down. They are popular and sold from many shops. The Salvador Dali melting clock comes from The Persistence of Memory (novel). The melting clock is in the artwork by Salvador Dali and is amongst his most famous pieces. It was painted in 1931. The painting was first shown within the Julien Levy Gallery in 1932. Since 1934 the artwork continues to be shown in the museum of Modern Art in New York, where its one of the more well-known exhibits. The image depicts a soft melting pocket watch. The melting watch is claimed to reflect Dalis theory of hardness and softness which was part of his thinking at this stage in his career. It was believed during that time that Dalis motivation came from Albert Einsteins theory of Relativity. However when Salvador Dali was asked about this, Dali stated that actually the soft watches or clocks were not influenced by Einsteins theory but by the surrealist imagination of Camembert cheese melting in the sun. It is said that the human figure in the heart of the artwork is actually Dali himself. The contemporary nature of the art work became something of a self-portrait. He often did this on his other works. The orange decorated clock towards the bottom left-hand corner has ants upon it. Dali painted ants to symbolise death in the paintings. The figure in the middle of the artwork symbolizes a fading animal. This is said to demonstrate that in dreams, the dreamer cant generally recognize the structure or form of a creature. The animal in the artwork has several eyelashes and one closed eye perhaps indicating the animal is also within a dream state. The painting might be interpreting Dalis dreams in which the timepieces show the passing of one’s time as one experiences it whilst sleeping, or how dreams might feel to us. The spectacular rocks on the right hand side of the painting is based on the end of Cap de Creus peninsula in the north of Catalonia. In a great many other of his works you will notice inspiration of Catalonia landscapes which inspired him. The dark shadow in the background of the art work is reference to Mount Pani. In 1954 Dali came back to his well-known painting the Persistence of Memory with the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory. This exhibited his earlier renowned painting breaking down into fragments, together with an array of rectangular shapes with breaks in between plus more melting clocks. Also in1954 Dali produced another renowned stop-watch painting titled Soft Watch at Moment of First Explosion showing a soft watch breaking up. With bits of watch and debris near the watch it gives the appearance its disintegrating. The painting was very similar to the Persistence of Memory with the back ground being a wasteland and sea scape. In this image the clock dominates the artwork with the stop watch sagging over a block shape. In the 1970s Dali started designing a number of clock timepiece works of art. Each including clock faces. They include the usual melting clock face. Stillness of Time which was created in 1979 shows a golden rimmed clock with a flexible, bendy clock. The clock is apparently wearing some form of crown; curiously the clock has tree branches and roots. Dali produced another similar piece called Tearful soft watch Giclee showing a stop watch strung over a leafless tree. One intriguing timepiece he created was the Clock B Giclee since it was quite different from his other clock pieces. The clock looks very different from a normal clock without any hands and numbers. This clock dangles from a barren tree (that he often used) along with a multi coloured clock. You have to take a close look to identify that it is a clock hanging from the branch. Dali later on in his career made sculptures depicting melting watches and clocks. Horse Saddled with Time is a good example of this with the clock face draped over the back of the horse as opposed to a saddle. The sculpture is regarded as among his finest sculptures and valued very highly. Danse Du Temp is another fine illustration of his sculptures. The clock is stretched and deformed using black and gold colours. As with all his work, the clocks he designs are thin expressing time is slipping away in Dalis world. In Dalis mind set the clocks are sliding down showing they’re like dreams because they are easily forgotten and difficult to see clearly. The clocks and animals appear to be breaking up or dying implying time passes on and slips away. The Horse saddled with Time sculpture shows time as a burden, with the beast quickly taking the burden away. Equally dead plants and branches are often observed in Dali work. This is said to reflect how time can seem to drain life of energy. However it is really down to the person exactly how they see his artwork and what message they conclude from it. At present two museums have been built to celebrate his life and work. One museum is located in his home town of Figueres, Spain. The other is within St Petersburg, Florida. At the museums you will see some of his photography and films he made. If you wish to discover more about the man then I highly recommend you read his autobiography. Dali was certainly not boring so his autobiography is undoubtedly interesting. If youre fascinated by his work you can easily acquire prints of his work at affordable prices. Some of his authentic pieces of work now sell for millions of pounds. Maybe intentionally Dali developed a whole style of clock designs based on his works. Salvador Dali influenced clocks are as popular today as it ever was. About the Author: By: richie_harrison – It has become a mandatory prelude in order to send our children to a top-notch childhood day care center which will impact their personalities as well as the utmost perceptions about the worldly desires. It should be in our best interest that children … By: richie_harrison – Schooling is considered as the most indispensable aspect for a childs life, which should be taken of in the first place. 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