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Investing The most .mon form of trading is known as offline share trading, where the trading is made through a stock broker. This method of trading is now being overshadowed by the popularity of online share trading, where trading is done with the use of a .puter that has an internet connection. Online stock trading can be done by the investor himself without the assistance of a share broker. Therefore, to be able to begin trading online you need to have a Demat account (also the trading account) a .puter and an internet connection. Investors can then participate in online trading via a PC or a mobile phone app. Tips to open a Demat Account 1.Find out the brokerage fees and ac.panying taxes. Remember that brokerage fees are varied on various trading techniques such as day trading and delivery trading. 2.Open a demat account with the mediator who offers lower rates 3.Request a software demo from the mediator so as to verify their dependability as well as its speed 4.Verify their existing charges and inquire if there any unknown fees. Some trading .panies have a lot of hidden fees so you end up paying a huge amount for these. 5.Make your decision as to which trading .pany you will use to open a Demat account once you have verified the above items. Important tips prior to starting trading online 1.Find out about the stock market. You need to learn what stock trading is all about which includes developing an understanding of the stock market and stocks as well as knowledge of the online software used for trading. Search the internet for sites that offer information on stock trading online so you get an informed view of the various kinds of stock trading and other relative information on the stock market. 2.Be attuned to the latest events and happenings in the stock market. You should know the daily movements of stocks and be updated with the status of trading .panies, as they may influence your stocks. Business and financial newspapers and magazines as well as websites are your best resources for data. 3.Be aware of the daily stock market hours. This will depend on the category of stocks that you plan to invest in. The principal markets like the New York Stock Market starts at 9:30 am 4:00 p.m. The not too .mon trading has a different schedule like Forex, which is open for the whole day. Saturday and Sunday is off day for the daily stock market. 4.To get a picture of the daily stock market movements, check financial websites early before the stock market opens. You need to know which trading .panies are the big earners, big losers as well as who are on the top list of volume earners. Monitor their progress so you can increase your investment by trading with them. 5.Keep your ears open while trading is ongoing. It would be wise to trade shares in .panies that are making news. 6.Always be on the alert for .pany announcements regarding dividends, quarter in.e, principal acquirements, merger and demerger arrangements or partnerships. Online stock trading can be profitable once you have prepared yourself for this kind of investment. Beginners should not expect to get big returns immediately; however, if you concentrate on developing the right skills and and learn how to use the information online, you can get good returns by engaging in online share trading. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: