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Business For many people the idea of true sleeping luxury comes in the form of a top quality pillow top or plush king mattress. There is, of course, a good reason that these mattresses have the name of king as they are the largest options of traditional mattress on the market. There are some companies that offer fully customized mattresses that can be made significantly larger than a king, but these are not commonly considered by most people as an option. The benefit of a king mattress is not hard to see. There is additional space on the bed that allows one or two sleepers to basically sleep in almost any position without interfering with the other persons sleep. For very active sleepers a king also provides room to move and less fear or disturbing the partner. King or California King? It is important to realize that not all mattresses that go by the term king or California king are identically sized. This is because different countries may use different standard measurements. If you are buying a US based brand then you can rest assured that the king mattress you select will be US sized. Typically a king mattress by a US mattress company will measure in at 76 inches by 80 or 82 inches, with 80 being the most common. A California king is slightly larger at 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. Size Considerations for your Bedroom With the larger size of the king mattress you do need to take into consideration the positioning of the bed in a smaller bedroom. It is a good idea if you currently have a queen or are going from a king to a California king bed to carefully measure and consider how the new mattress and bed will fit into your actual physical space. As you can image a king mattress is a luxury item, so why not go with a luxury mattress? You definitely should try a pillow top and plush king mattress as well as give the new memory foam and gel foam mattresses a test at your next visit to the mattress store. Talk to the staff about any sleep problems you have and ask them for ideas as to which brand and features can help you get the best nights sleep on your new, luxury king sized bed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: